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The Seymour J. Kreshover Lecture

The National Institute of Dental Research Lecture series was established in 1983 to recognize outstanding scientific accomplishment in basic and clinical research and to honor distinguished scientists who have made important contributions in areas of dental research. In 1984 the lecture was named for former NIDR director, Seymour J. Kreshover, D.D.S., M.D., Ph.D.

Date Title Presenter
September 22, 1983
"The Promotion and Inhibition of Collagen- Breakdown in Synovial Tissue"
Dame Honor B. Fell
September 17, 1984
"Genetic Analysis of the Virulence of Streptococ- cus Mutans: Prospects for an Anticaries Vaccine"
Roy Curtiss III
September 10, 1985
"Molecular Factors Influencing Neutrophil Defects in Periodontal Disease"
Robert J. Genco
September 24, 1986
"The Role of Saliva in Maintaining Oral Homeostasis"
Irwin Mandel
September 22, 1987
"Gene Regulation in the Development of Oral Tissues"
Harold C. Slavkin
September 26, 1988
"Bacterial Adhesion to Oral Tissues: A Model for Infectious Diseases"
Ronald J. Gibbons
June 13, 1989
"Pathogens, Probes and Perceptions: The Story of Multidisciplinary Oral Aids Research"
Deborah and John Greenspan
May 30, 1990
"The Sense of Taste: New Directions for Dentistry"
Linda Bartoshuk
June 4, 1991
"Memroy Mechanisms and Pain"
Ronald Melzack
June 16, 1992
"Muscosal Immunology: Expectations for the 90s"
Jiri Mestecky
June 15, 1993
"Molecular Genetics and Craniofacial Develop- ment"
Robert Williamson
January 22, 1996
" The Life and Dealth of the Cranial Neural Crest"
Andrew Lumsden
June 11, 1997
" Molecular Mechanisms of Bone Resorption"
Roland Baron


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