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The NIH Lectures

The NIH Lecture series was established to facilitate interchange of information and to give appropriate recognition for outstanding scientific accomplishment. Since January 1953, the various institutes and the Office of the Director have sponsored lectures. The series has been planned to recur each year, with the lectures published and distributed to scientific libraries, universities, medical schools, and other appropriate depositories. Lectures are open to the scientific staff at NIH and at other medical, teaching, and research institutions in the Washington, D.C., area. As part of the NIH Lecture series, an annual G. Burroughs Mider Lectureship Award was established in 1968 in honor of the first NIH director of laboratories and clinics, to be presented by a member of the NIH intramural staff in "recognition and appreciation of outstanding contributions to biomedical research." An asterisk (*) indicates a Mider Lecture. The following lectures have been given.

Date Title Presenter
January 21, 1953
"Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle: Enzymatic Mecha- nisms"
Severo Ochoa
September 24, 1953
"Enzymatic Analysis of the Structure of Starch and Glycogen"
Carl F. Cori
September 30, 1954
"The Natural History of Changing One"s Job"
Alan Gregg
December 16, 1954
"Avirulent Strains of Poliomyelitis Virus-- Segregation, Characterization, Role in Nature, and Potential Usefulness for Human Immunization"
Albert B. Sabin
May 31, 1955
"Some Recent Developments Concerning the Chemical Transmission of Nervous Effects"
Sir Henry Hallett Dale
May 1, 1957
"The Nature of Molecular Disease"
Linus Pauling
January 22, 1958
"Relation of Physical Science to Life Science: Communication Theory"
W. O. Baker
May 14, 1958
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
October 7, 1958
"The Energy Exchanges Involved in Muscular Contraction and Nerve Conduction"
Archibald Vivian Hill
May 5, 1959
"The Biochemical Evolution of Vision"
George Wald
October 13, 1959
"Biosynthesis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)"
Arthur Kornberg
February 9, 1960
"Biosythesis in Human Cell Cultures"
Harry Eagle
April 26, 1960
"From Fish to Philosopher"
Homer W. Smith
May 18, 1960
"The Biologist Examines the Mind and Behavior"
Seymour S. Kety
October 4, 1960
"Conscious Experience--What the Brain Records and Where"
Wilder Penfield
December 14, 1960
"An Enzymatic Approach to Nucleic Acid Chemistry"
Leon A. Heppel
January 25, 1961
"Inquiries Concerning the Fine Structure of Protein Molecules"
John T. Edsall
March 15, 1961
"Viruses, Common Colds and Cancer"
Robert J. Huebner
November 15, 1961
"Endocrine Aspects of the Cancer Problem"
Roy Hertz
February 28, 1962
"Relationship Between Structure and Host Reactive Properties of Microorganisms"
Edgar Ribi
April 25, 1962
Melvin Calvin
October 17, 1962
"Status of Transuranium Elements"
Glenn T. Seaborg
December 12, 1962

"Intercellular Infection and the Carrier State"
Joseph E. Smadel
February 27, 1963
"The History and Natural History of Gout"
DeWitt Stetten, Jr.
September 5, 1963
"Cardiovascular Surgery--Past and Present""
Alfred Blalock
December 4, 1963
"On the Nature of the RNA Code"
Marshall W. Nirenberg
February 5, 1964
"Studies in the Sociology of Science"
Robert E. Merton
February 19, 1964
"Controlling Elements and Regulatory Circuits in Cellular Metabolism"
Jacques Monod
October 20, 1964
"Some Biological Implications of Protein Structure"
Christian B. Anfinsen
December 15, 1964
"Research in Education"
Jerome Wiesner
January 13, 1965
"Giant Nerve Fibres"
Alan L. Hodgkin
October 20, 1965
"Tissue Remodeling Mechanisms in Amphibian Metamorphosis"
Jerome Gross
December 8, 1965
"Tissue Transplantation: Past, Present and Future"
Rupert E. Billingham
February 9, 1966
"Quantitative Measures of Size and Significance and Relatedness of Scientific Literature"
Derek de Solla Price
November 2, 1966
"The Cellular Regulation of Branched Biosynthetic Pathways"
Earl R. Stadtman
December 7, 1966
"The Natural History of Some Small Brains"
Caryl Parker Haskins
February 8, 1967
"Recent Studies on Microsomes"
George E. Palade
October 25, 1967
"The Pineal Gland, a Biological Clock"
Julius Axelrod
December 13, 1967
"Developmental Biology: The Richness of New Opportunity"
James D. Ebert
February 21, 1968
"Operant Conditioning and the Management of Human Behavior"
Burrhus F. Skinner
October 30, 1968
"On the Synthesis and Functions of Glutamine and Asparigine"
Alton Meister
December 11, 1968*
"Control of Gene Activity in Higher Organisms"
Gordon M. Tomkins
February 12, 1969
"The Role of Mathematical Models in Sciences"
Mark Kac
March 11, 1970*
"Tumor Antigens: Their Origins, Characteristics and Significance"
Lloyd W. Law
April 22, 1970
"Genetic Dissection of Visual Behavior in Drosophila"
Seymour Benzer
October 21, 1970
"Viewing Living Synapses and Exploration of the Chemosensitivity of the Neuronal Surface"
Stephen William Kuffler
Decembe 2, 1970
"Fructose Diphosphatase and the Control of Gluconegenesis"
Bernard L. Horecker
December 16, 1970*
"Genetic Mismanagement of Complex Lipids"
Roscoe O. Brady
October 7, 1971
"The Analysis of Malignancy by Cell Fusion"
Henry Harris
January 19, 1972
"The Replication of Single-Stranded DNA Bacteriophages: Facts and Riddles"
Robert L. Sinsheimer
February 9, 1972*
"Survival Mechanisms of the Triune Brain: Some Hopeful Aspects"
Paul D. MacLean
March 15, 1972
"Science and Trans-Science"
Alvin M. Weinberg
October 25, 1972
"Tensile Water"
Per F. Scholander
November 8, 1972
"Behavior of Chimpanzees and Their Natural Habitat"
Jane Goodall
March 14, 1973*
"Genetic Factors in the Transmission and Expression of Murine Leukemia Virus"
Wallace P. Rowe
April 11, 1973
"The Hormones of the Hypothalamus"
Roger Guillemin
October 17, 1973
"The Changing Significance of Territoriality in Human Societies"
Margaret Mead
November 7, 1973*
"Cyclic AMP and the Transformation of Cells"
Ira H. Pastan
December 12, 1973
"Probing Into Immunological Phenomena: From Molecule to Cell"
Michael Sela
March 20, 1974
"Some Phases of Oxidative Hydroxylation of Steroids in the Animal Organism"
Percy Julian
April 24, 1974
"The Prostaglandins-Bioregulators With Clinical Implications"
Sune Bergström
October 9, 1974*
"Inherited Lysosomal Disorders Studied in Cell Culture"
Elizabeth Neufeld
March 26, 1975
"Ion Transport in Reconstituted Systems and in Cancer Cells"
Efraim Racker
April 9, 1975
"Visual Deprivation and Its Effects on the Monkey Striate Cortex"
Torsten N. Wiesel
September 10, 1975*
"Collagen: Its Chemistry, Structure, and Function"
Karl A. Piez
November 17, 1976
"Dissections and Reconstruction of the SV40 Genome"
Paul Berg
December 8, 1976
"Cell Surface Modulation"
Gerald Edelman
March 2, 1977
"Early Man"
Mary Leakey
May 18, 1977*
"Monkey Business: Sequences in the Monkey Genome and Their Interaction With Simian Virus 40 DNA"
Maxine F. Singer
November 2, 1977*
"A Close and Surprising Look at the Mammalian Genome"
Philip Leder
March 29, 1978
"Cellular Insights Into Behavior and Learning"
Eric Kandel
May 10, 1978
"Total Synthesis of a Biologically Functional Gene"
Har Gobind Khorana
September 13, 1978*
"Receptor Disorders in Man"
Jesse Roth
December 6, 1978
"Turning Cancer Cells Into Mice"
Beatrice Mintz
May 2, 1979
"Gene Amplication and Methotrexate Resistance in Cultured Mammalian Cells"
Robert T. Schimke
June 13, 1979
"In Rodin"s Studio"
Albert Elsen
September 12, 1979
"Drugs, Neurotransmitters, and the Brain"
Solomon H. Snyder
October 17, 1979*
"Regulation of Cyclic Nucleotide Metabolism"
Martha Vaughan
November 28, 1979
"The Structure and Evolution of Genes"
Walter Gilbert
February 27, 1980*
"The Control of the Immune Response: Regla- tory Cellular Interactions and the Control of Lymphocyte Differentiation"
Thomas Waldmann
May 7, 1980
"Hepatitis B Virus and the Pathogenesis and Prevention of Cancer of the Liver"
Baruch S. Blumberg
October 1, 1980
"Mutational Analysis of a Viral Replicon"
Daniel Nathans
December 10, 1980*
"Metabolic Mapping of Local Functional Activity in the Central Nervous System"
Louis Sokoloff
May 27, 1981
"The Current Status of the Hepatic Membrane Receptor for Desialylated Serum Glycoproteins"
Gilbert Ashwell
December 2, 1981
"Cell Surface Receptors for Plasma Lipoproteins: Implications for Biology and Medicine"
Joseph L. Goldstein
September 15, 1982*
"Living With Lymphocytes, or B Lymphocytes and How They Grow"
William E. Paul
October 27, 1982
"Information Processing in a Simple Sensory System: Bacterial Chemotaxis"
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr.
November 17, 1982
"Autoantibodies as Probes for Small Ribonucle- oproteins From Eukaryotes"
Joan A. Steitz
January 25, 1984
"Charge Distribution, Electrostatic Fields, and Enzyme Function"
Frederic M. Richards
March 21, 1984
"Cancer Genes Come of Age"
J. Michael Bishop
April 18, 1984*
"Movement, Mood and Memory: Linked Functions in the Mammalian Brain"
Edward V. Evarts
September 12, 1984*
"Enhancers: Regulatory Elements in Eukaryotic Gene Expression"
George Khoury
November 7, 1984
"Neuronal Replacement in Adulthood and Its Possible Relation to Learning"
Fernando Nottebohm
November 28, 1984
"Gene Expression in Developing and Adult Neurons"
Richard Axel
December 5, 1984
"Managing the Deficit"
Alice Rivlin
December 12, 1984
"Twenty Years A" Growing"
S. Dillon Ripley
December 4, 1985*
"Biochemical Regulation of Actinomycin- Dependent Cell Motility"
Edward D. Korn
March 5, 1986*
"Why Is DNA Supercoiled?"
Martin Gellert
May 19, 1986
"Misplacing Genes"
Philip Leder
June 4, 1986
"Insights into the Genetics of Thalassemia"
Yuet Wai Kan
January 14, 1987
"Vaccinia Virus: From Jenner to Genetic Engineering"
Bernard Moss
February 11, 1987*
"Molecular Embryology: New Approaches to Old Questions"
Igor B. Dawid
May 6, 1987
"Tracking the Causes of Diabetes Mellitus: From Viruses to Autoimmunity"
Abner Louis Notkins
September 23, 1987
"Inositol Lipids and Intracellular Communica tion"
Michael J. Berridge
June 22, 1988*
"Basement Membranes: Key Determinants of Differentiation and Their Role in Cancer Metastasis"
George Martin
November 2, 1988
"RNA as an Enzyme"
Thomas Cech
November 15, 1989*
"Switching Globin Genes On and Off: Chromatin Structure and Gene Expression"
Gary Felsenfeld
November 14, 1990
"Dystrophin Abnormalities in Neuromuscular Disease"
Louis M, Kunkel
January 16, 1991*
"Memory Circuits"
Mortimer Mishkin
February 13, 1991
"Mechanisms of Short-term and Long-term Memory"
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr.
April 3, 1991*
"Gene Sharing: Lens Crystallins, Enzymes, and Stress Proteins"
Joram Piatigorsky
May 23, 1991
"Molecular Genetics of Cancer Suppression"
Wen-Hwa Lee
June 13, 1991
"The Adrenergic Receptors"
Robert J. Lefkowitz
November 19, 1991
"Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Biological and Clinical Potentials"
Irving L. Weissman
January 22, 1992
"Molecular Analysis of Resistance to Anti- Cancer Drugs"
Michael M. Gottesman
March 25, 1992*
"Human Gene Therapy"
W. French Anderson, R. Michael Blaese, Steven A. Rosenberg
May 6, 1992
"Splicing of Nuclear Precursors to Messenger RNAs"
Phillip A. Sharp
May 21, 1992
"Creating Mice With Targetted Disruptions in Proto-oncogenes and Homeobox Genes"
Mario R. Capecchi
June 1, 1994
" Genetics of Breast Cancer "
Mary-Claire King
June 8, 1994
" The Health of the Spirit"
Jane Alexander
January 18, 1995*
" Brain Maps for Eye Movements"
Robert H. Wurtz
May 17, 1995
" Brain Waves and Brain Wiring"
Carla J. Schatz
April 25, 1995
"To See Ourselves as Others See Us: The Artist Looks at the Doctor"
Sherwin B. Nuland
May 24, 1995
"Alterinf Telomerase RNA: Enzymatic and Cellular Consequences"
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
November 1, 1995*
"DNA Replication Fidelity, Mismatch Repair, and Genome Stability"
Thomas A. Kunkel


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