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The DeWitt Stetten, Jr. Lecture

The DeWitt Stetten, Jr. Lecture was established by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences in 1982 and is presented annually in honor of Dr. Stetten, who was the third NIGMS director.

Date Title Presenter
October 13, 1982
"A Molecular Analysis of Genes That Determine Developmental Pathways"
David S. Hogness
October 5, 1983
"Left-Handed Z-DNA and the Regulation of Transcription"
Alexander Rich
October 31, 1984
"Cellular Signaling: What Does the Structure of the Acetylcholine Receptor Tell Us About Its Function?"
Robert M. Stroud
October 30, 1985
"The Molecular Basis of Differential Gene Activity"
Donald D. Brown
October 8, 1986
"Heat Shock: Cellular Response to Environmental Stresses"
Mary Lou Pardue
October 7, 1987
DNA-Protein Interactions in the Control of Gene Expression
  "The trp Repressor: The Chemical Details of a Genetic Switch"
Paul B. Sigler
  "How Proteins See DNA and Turn Genes On and Off"
Mark S. Ptashne
  "What DNA Viruses Are Telling Us About Genetic
Regulation in Animal Cells"
Steven L. McKnight
October 12, 1988
"Sequence-Specific Recognition of DNA: A Synthetic Approach"
Peter B. Dervan
October 18, 1989
"The Control of Timing and Spatial Organization During Cellular Differentiation"
Lucy Shapiro
November 7, 1990
"Synthesis of Telomeres"
Elizabeth H. Blackburn
October 23, 1991
"The Biochemical Machinery Regulating the Cell Division Cycle"
Marc W. Kirschner
October 28, 1992
From Basic Research to Biotechnology
  "RNA as an Enzyme: From Chemistry to Biotechnology"
Thomas R. Cech
  "Catalytic Antibodies"
Peter G. Schultz
  "Cellular Biotechnology: Engineering Metabolism fr Enhanced Productivity and New Products"
James E. Bailey
October 20, 1993
"Spliceosome: A Dynamic Ribonucleoprotein"
Christine Guthrie
October 19, 1994
"A Chemical Approach to Understanding and Controlling Signal Transduction"
Stuart L. Schreiber
October 18, 1995
"Design of Proteins and Drugs"
Peter S. Kim
October 23, 1996
"Using Deadly Cone Snails to Learn Drug Design and Probe Nervous Systems"
Baldomero M. Olivera
October 22, 1997
"DNA-Mediated Electron Transfer: Chemistry at a Distance"
Jacqueline K. Barton


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