NIH 1998 Almanac/Obligations from Appropriations/      

NIH Obligations and Amounts Obligated for Grants and Direct Operations

[Amounts in thousands of dollars]

1Derived by transfers from other NIH appropriations as authorized by Congress
2Includes funds for construction of community mental health centers (1965=$35,000,000 1966=$50,000,000)
3Includes supplemental
4Transferred to HSMHA, July 1, 1967
5Transferred to HSMHA, July 1, 1968
6Includes supplemental
7Discontinued as an appropriation July 1, 1969
8GR & S discontinued. Research Resources appropriation established. DCTR portion transferred to Management. Renamed National Center for Research Resources in 1990
9Includes Cancer Conquest Program of $100,000,000
10Transferred to FDA July 1, 1972
11Formerly a part of the Neurology Institute
12Formerly a part of the Management Fund
13Formerly a part of GR & S
14No appropriation bill signed in 1973. Figures are based on the continuing resolution.
15Totals exclude special foreign currency program.
16Reserve legislated by P.L. 93-192 not reflected
17Transferred to Health Resources Administration, July 1, 1973.
18GRSG transferred from IRD's to RR.
19Formerly a part of NICHD.
20No enacted appropriation authorized under continuing resolution.
21Formerly a part of NIDDK.
22Transferred from Health Resources and Services Administration.
23Formerly part of NINDS.
24Prior to establishment of NCHGR in FY 1990, funds for this effort were appropriated to NIGMS. The Office of Human Genome
Research provided overall planning and coordination with other agencies.

25Comparable for ADAMHA (NIMH, NIDA, and NIAAA).
26Formerly part of ADAMHA (NIMH, NIDA, and NIAAA).
27Became an institute in 1996.
28Includes $1,333,570,000 for Office of AIDS Research.


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