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Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center: Mission

The Warren Grant Magnuson Clinical Center (CC) provides hospital services to patients who participate in clinical research conducted at NIH. The CC strives to be a model for clinical research by assuring quality patient care, delivering excellent support services, and recruiting and maintaining expert staff.

Authorized by Congress to provide patient care necessary to conduct biomedical research, the CC was specially designed to place patient care facilities close to research laboratories to promote the quick transfer of new findings of scientists to the treatment of patients. Institutes admit to their units and clinics patients who have the precise kind or stage of illness under investigation by scientist-clinicians.

CC departments are responsible for the hospital services, except for direct physician care, and conduct research in their own specialties.

In addition to biomedical research and patient care, the CC offers opportunities for advanced training to physicians, medical and nursing students, and members of the paramedical professions. Training includes a core curriculum in clinical research; a clinical pharmacology research associate program; a graduate and postgraduate program; a clinical electives program; and many lecture series. Beginning in 1998 is an academic collaboration in long-distance learning with the School of Medicine at Duke University. The program will lead to a master’s degree in clinical research. Monthly clinical staff conferences present the results of the cooperative biomedical research carried out at the CC by the scientists and clinicians of the institutes and CC departments.


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