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Center for Information Technology: Biographical Sketch of CIT Director

Alan S. Graeff

Mr. Graeff was named chief information officer and head of the newly formed Center for Information Technology on March 6, 1998.

He previously served as chief of the Clinical Center’s (CC’s) Information Systems Department, where he oversaw a major IT reorganization that introduced a centralized infrastructure based on technical standards, reliable architecture, and high levels of customer support. He created a unified support structure for IT in the CC’s diverse environment of clinical research, patient services, and administration.

As chief of NIAID’s technical systems section from 1989-1991, Mr. Graeff was responsible for building the institute’s first wide-area network, comprising 12 locations across the country and serving 1,400 computer users. He also designed and implemented an NIAID acquisition workflow system that streamlined the institute’s acquisition and planning processes.

In earlier positions, he worked as a biologist for NCI’s Metabolism Branch and NIAID’s Laboratory of Cellular Immunology.

Mr. Graeff holds a B.S. in distributed sciences from American University.

Directors of CIT

NameDate of Birth Dates of Office
Arnold W. Pratt1920August 1966May 1990
David RodbardJuly 6, 1941November 1990April 1996
William L. Risso (Actg)October 26, 1944April 1996March 1998
Alan S. GraeffFebruary 27, 1954March 1998...........


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