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Center for Information Technology: Mission

Created in February 1998, the Center for Information Technology (CIT) combines the functions of the Division of Computer Research and Technology (DCRT), the Office of Information Resources Management (OIRM), and the Telecommunications Branch (TCB). The CIT supports NIH’s research and management programs with efficient, cost-effective information systems, networking services, and telecommunications services. As part of its mission, CIT:

  • provides leadership for determining NIH’s computational and telecommunications needs and oversees development of infrastructure support;

  • operates a state-of-the-art regional computer facility responsive to the NIH mission;

  • develops NIH information technology policy to implement policy and legislation;

  • provides policy and standards leadership within NIH by identifying and communicating NIH information technology issues, problems and solutions;

  • establishes and operates the necessary organization and infrastructure to assure security, connectivity, and interoperability across the NIH;

  • serves as a Federal Data Center for administrative, biomedical, and statistical computing;

  • provides data processing and high-performance computing facilities, integrated telecommunications data networks, and services to HHS and other Federal agencies.


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