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National Center for Research Resources: Mission

NCRR is this nation’s leading supporter of biomedical research resources and investigator-initiated technology-related projects. A catalyst for discovery, NCRR ensures that institutions, NIH-supported investigators, and others across the nation have the means to develop and access unique technologies, instrumentation, facilities, animal models (mammalian and nonmammalian), genetic stocks, and biomaterials such as cell lines, tissues, and organs. This diverse funding commitment enables scientific collaborations and discoveries important to many areas of health, complementing the various missions of NIH’s categorical institutes. NCRR’s extramural grant support is concentrated in four areas: Clinical Research, Comparative Medicine, Biomedical Technology, and Research Infrastructure.

Many NCRR-supported research resources—often one-of-a-kind or in short supply—are expensive to create, develop, and maintain. However, when a number of researchers have access to a given resource, the effectiveness of that resource is maximized relative to its cost. Shared resources, an NCRR hallmark, also allow scientists to react rapidly and effectively to emerging health problems and unexpected research opportunities. NCRR-supported shared resources include networks of General Clinical Research Centers, Biomedical Technology Resource Centers, Regional Primate Research Centers, special animal colonies and repositories, biological models, and biomedical instrumentation.

A number of NCRR grant programs help build and strengthen the biomedical research infrastructure of the United States, including physical facilities and human resources. For example, NCRR provides support to institutions to construct, renovate, and improve biomedical research facilities, develop basic and clinical biomedical research capabilities, provide teachers and students hands-on science education experiences, and assist researchers in developing education models that will ultimately increase student and public understanding of biomedical science. Other NCRR support provides postgraduate and postdoctoral special-emphasis training and career-development opportunities.


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