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National Human Genome Research Institute: Important Events in NHGRI History

August 15, 1988--Program advisory committee on the human genome was established to advise NIH on all aspects of research in the area of genomic analysis.

October 1, 1988--The Office for Human Genome Research was created within the NIH Office of the Director. Also, NIH and DOE signed a memorandum of understanding outlining plans for cooperation on genome research.

February 29-March 1, 1988--NIH Director James Wyngaarden assembled scientists, administrators, and science policy experts in Reston, Va., to lay out an NIH plan for the Human Genome Project.

January 3-4, 1989--The program advisory committee on the human genome held its first meeting in Bethesda, Md.

October 1, 1989--NCHGR was established to carry out the NIH’s component of the U.S. Human Genome Project.

April 1990--The 5-year plan with specific goals for the project was published.

May 8, 1990--The National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research was established.

July 1, 1990--The genome research review committee was created so the center could conduct appropriate peer review of human genome grant applications.

October 1, 1990--The U.S. Human Genome Project officially began.

January 22, 1991--The National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research met for the first time in Bethesda, Md.

April 10, 1992--James Watson resigned as first director of the center. Michael Gottesman was appointed acting center director.

February 1993--The center’s Division of Intramural Research was established.

April 4, 1993--Francis S. Collins was appointed center director.

October 1, 1993--U.S. Human Genome Project revised its 5-year goals through September 1998.

September 30, 1994--The genetic mapping goal was achieved 1 year ahead of schedule.

November 15, 1995--NCHGR celebrates its fifth anniversary. J.D. Watson Lecture was established.

April 1995—Task Force on Genetic Testing established as a subgroup of the NIH-DOE ELSI working group.

April 11, 1996—Human DNA sequencing begins with pilot studies at six U.S. universties.

April 24, 1996—An international team completes DNA sequence of first eukaryotic genome, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or common brewer’s yeast.

September 1996—Center for Inherited Disease Research, a project cofunded by eight ICDs to study the genetic components of complex disorders, is established on the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center campus in Baltimore.


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