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National Institute of Child Health and Human Development : NICHD Legislative Chronology

October 17, 1962--Public Law 87-838 authorized the Surgeon General, with approval of the secretary, to "establish in the Public Health Service an institute for the conduct and support of research and training relating to maternal health, child health and human development, including research and training in the special health problems and requirements of mothers and children and in the basic sciences relating to the processes of human growth and development, including prenatal development."

October 31, 1963--Public Law 88-164 provided grants to help pay for constructing research centers on mental retardation and related disability. The NICHD remains closely associated with some 12 centers installed prior to June 30, 1967, when the authority expired.

December 24, 1970--Public Law 91-572 added Title X to the Public Health Service Act authorizing grants and contracts for research and research training in family planning and population problems. The authority was delegated by the secretary of health, education and welfare to the NICHD where the program is administered by the Center for Population Research.

April 22, 1974--Public Law 93-270 assigned to the HEW secretary and ultimately to the NICHD the task of conducting research on sudden infant death syndrome and reporting on it to the Congress.

July 29, 1975--Title II of P.L. 94-63, the Family Planning and Population Research Act of 1975, amended Title X of the Public Health Service Act. Thereafter the PHS could conduct as well as support population research, and Title X became the sole authority for population research appropriations.

August 13, 1981--The Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981, P.L. 97-35, repealed sections 1004(b)(1) and 1004(b)(2) of the Public Health Service Act. Authority for supporting research in human reproduction and the population sciences now derives from the broad provisions of section 301 and 441 of the PHS act.

November 20, 1985--The Health Extension Act of 1985 directed NICHD to appoint an associate director for prevention "to coordinate and promote the programs in the Institute concerning the prevention of health problems of mothers and children."

November 16, 1990--Section 3 of the NIH Amendments of 1990, P.L. 101-613, established the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research. The center will conduct and support programs with respect to the rehabilitation of individuals with physical disabilities resulting from congenital defects, diseases or disorders of the neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary or any other physiological system.


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