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National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders : Important Events in NIDCD History

October 28, 1988--Public Law 100-553 authorized the formation of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

June 26, 1989--The NIDCD Advisory Board held its first meeting.

September 18, 1989--The Advisory Council of NIDCD convened for the first time.

March 1, 1991--The NIDCD information clearinghouse was established.

April 4, 1991--The board of scientific counselors of NIDCD held its first meeting.

November 19, 1991--The deafness and other communication disorders interagency coordinating committee met for the first time.

May 8 1992--NIDCD/American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery sponsored a live interactive satellite conference, "Warning! The Impact of Pollution on the Upper Alimentary and Respiratory Tracts," to inform scientists, physicians and the public about health problems associated with pollution and identify areas of needed research.

August 21, 1992--NIDCD/Department of Veterans Affairs directors signed a Memorandum of Understanding which established a collaboration to expand and intensify hearing aid research and development.

October 23, 1992--NIDCD/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) established formal scientific collaboration to enhance basic knowledge and understanding of vestibular function in both clinical and normal states and provide investigators access to NASA’s unique ground-based research facilities and to space flight.

March 1-3, 1993--Consensus Development Conference, "Early Identification of Hearing Impairment in Infants and Young Children," evaluated current research and provided recommendations regarding hearing assessment from birth through 5 years of age.

October 25, 1993--NIDCD fifth anniversary lecture, "A Celebration of Research in Human Communication," was given.

1994--The NIDCD Advisory Board held its final meeting.

February 14, 1995-- "The Partnership Program" began, designed to maximize opportunites for underrepresented students to participate in fundamental and clinical research in the NIDCD research areas, with four academic centers: Morehouse School of Medicine; University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine; University of Alaska System, Fairbanks; and Gallaudet University.

May 15-17, 1995--Consensus Development Conference, "Cochlear Implants in Adults and Children," to summarize current knowledge about the range of benefits and limitations of cochlear implantation.

September 11-13, 1995--First biennial conference, "Advancing Human Communication: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Hearing Aid Research and Development," was held.

September 22-24, 1997--The second biennial hearing aid research and development conference took place.


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