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National Institute of Dental Research : Mission

The mission of the National Institute of Dental Research is to improve and promote craniofacial, oral and dental health through research. The legislation that Congress enacted in 1948 to create NIDR entrusted it with national leadership in dental research, granting authority to conduct and support research and training, and promote science transfer and dissemination of information.

The goal is to minimize inherited, infectious, neoplastic, acquired and chronic craniofacial-oral-dental diseases and disorders. To that end, scientists are keen to use biomimetics to discover new biomaterials to repair and regenerate craniofacial tissues; to discover better analgesics for control of chronic pain; and to meet the challenges of changing patterns of disease, new and reemerging infections, and other challenges that threaten or compromise oral health across the life span. The NIDR is also committed to the timely dissemination of research findings to the communities it serves.

NIDR has organized its efforts into three components: the Division of Extramural Research, which provides grant and contract funds to the scientific community for research and research training; the Division of Intramural Research, which conducts NIDR-funded research projects on the Bethesda, Md., campus; and the Office of the Director, whichis responsible for health education, communication, science policy, international health, and administrative managment.

Together, NIDR’s organizational divisions conduct and support basic research in biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, developmental biology, physiology, virology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, pathology, biomimetics, and the social and behavioral sciences. The institute also sponsors clinical, epidemiological and applied studies in the oral, dental, and craniofacial health sciences.

The NIDR promotes the timely transfer and adoption of research findings by the public, health professionals, and researchers. Institute scientists collaborate with other U.S. Government organizations within and outside the NIH, with health professional and voluntary organizations and industry, and with investigators internationally in developing and implementing research programs of mutal interest.


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