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National Institute of Nursing Research: Important Events in NINR History

November 10, 1985--P.L. 99-158, the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 became law, overriding a presidential veto. Among other provisions, the law authorized the National Center for Nursing Research at NIH.

April 18, 1986--Health and Human Services Secretary Otis R. Bowen, M.D., announced the establishment of NCNR at NIH.

December 3, 1986--Members of the NCNR Advisory Council were appointed by the HHS secretary.

February 17, 1987--The first meeting of the NCNR Advisory Council was held.

May 30, 1988--The NCNR Advisory Council was renamed the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research.

June 10, 1993--P.L. 103-43, the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993, became law. Among other provision, it changed the center to an NIH institute.

June 14, 1993--DHHS Secretary Donna Shalala signed the Federal Register notice establishing the National Institute of Nursing Research.

1997--NINR was designated as the lead NIH institute to coordinate collaborative research on end-of-life palliative care.


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