NIH 1998 Almanac/Real Property and Facilities/      

(Listed separately according to history, cost of original construction, total cost, gross area and space allocations. See also NIH Location Maps.)

Buildings 17-29

Buildings 17 and 17A
History: Buildings 17 and 17A were constructed to house the 13.2 kv switchgear and associated equipment necessary for power services to the NIH reservation. The buildings were designed and constructed, and are owned by Potomac Electric.

Building 18
History: Physiology Section, NICHD

Building 20
History: Building 20 was constructed as an apartment building for occupancy by certain NIH personnel.

Building 21
History: Building 21, formerly called Building T-3, was constructed to provide a segregated area for radioisotope use.

Building 22
History: Building 22 was built to house grounds maintenance staff and equipment.

Building T-23
History:-- Building T-23 was constructed as a storage facility for sand.

Building 25
History: Building 25 was constructed as a chemical storage area.

Building 26
History: "Building 26," was a fenced-in area. A building was erected in 1954 as a temporary chemical disposal plant. In August 1958 a permanent facility was constructed. Further improvements were made in August 1960.

Buildings 28, 28A-D
History: Building 28 was constructed to house the dog kennels and animal hospital.

Building 29
History: Building 29 was built to provide laboratory and office space for the Division of Biologics Standards (now Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA).

Building 29A
History: Building 29A was authorized to provide an increase in laboratory and office space for the Division of Biologics Standards (now CBER, FDA).


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