NIH 1998 Almanac/Real Property and Facilities/      

(Listed separately according to history, cost of original construction, total cost, gross area and space allocations. See also NIH Location Maps.)

Buildings 62 - Parking 8

Building 62

History: Building 62, the Children's Inn at NIH, was constructed via private donations to be a "home away from home" for chronically ill children and their families, while the children are being treated at NIH.

Building 82
History: R.A. Bloch International Cancer Center was donated to NIH, December 16, 1982. The center serves as a computer library for physicians throughout the country.

Building 104
History: This facility replaced aging and inadequate temporary buildings for small ungulates. Designed to meet AAALAC standards, it has an automated waste disposal system addressing environmental concerns posed by the disposition of fecal waste.

Building 132
History: In 1987 Congress decided to make the NIH Animal Research Facility a state-of-the-art model for the industry. Building 132 is an indoor-outdoor facility to house large research primates.

Multi-Level Parking-6
History: Building MLP-6 was constructed to provide parking spaces for occupants of Buildings 35, 36 and 37.

Multi-Level Parking-7
History: MLP-7 was built to provide additional parking for employees in Buildings 38 and 38A.

Multi-Level Parking-8
History: This facility was constructed to service the parking of the occupants of Buildings 49 and 29B.


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