NIH 1998 Almanac/Real Property and Facilities/      

Estimated Cost of Facilities Serving NIH Buildings

Facility Cost
Fences $
Water distribution systems 128,045
Chilled water distribution system 9,515,700
Gas distribution system 35,252
Compressed air distribution system 10,480
Electrical distribution system 2,233,853
Steam distribution system 649,600
Sanitary sewer system 218,748
Storm sewer system 465,021
Chemical disposal 37,327
Surface areas:
Roadways and related bridges 130,000
Sidewalks and related bridges 142,000
Parking areas 953,000
Tennis courts  
TOTAL $14,669,386
1 Actual cost of facilities was used when available. However, the construction cost of a building or group of buildings included the facilities serving those buildings, in which case cost was estimated at prices applicable at the time of construction, and the estimated cost of facility was deducted from the cost of the building. Source: DES PCB.

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