The Jules Freund Lectures

The Jules Freund Lecture series, established in 1961, was given annually until 1974 in honor of Dr. Jules Freund, first chief of the Laboratory of Immunology, NIAID.

November 15, 1961
"Studies of Hypersensitivity to Simple Chemical Allergens"
Merrill W. Chase

October 17, 1962
"Chemical Constitution and Immunological Specificity of Polysaccharides"
Michael Heidelberger

October 7, 1963
"Autosensitization in Animals and Man"
Ernest Witebsky

October 7, 1964
"Pleuropneumonia-like Organisms and L-forms of Bacteria"
Louis L. Dienes

September 29, 1965
"Mechanisms of Intracellular Infection"
Rene Jules Dubos

October 13, 1966
"Problems of Antibody Biosynthesis"
Felix Haurowitz

October 20, 1967
"Immunochemical Analysis of Tissue Constituents"
Pierre Grabar

November 6, 1968
"Whither the Search for Viral Etiology of Human Cancer?"
Albert Sabin

November 3, 1969
"Blood Group A, B, H, and Le Substances--Their Chemistry and the Nature of Their Reaction With Antibodies and Other Specific Hemagglutinins"
Elvin A. Kabat

October 19, 1970
"Serum, pH, and the Contact Inhibition of Normal Human Cells"
Harry Eagle

November 18, 1971
"Myeloma Proteins as Antibodies and Tumor- Specific Antigens"
Herman N. Eisen

November 17, 1972
"Mycoplasmas as Candidates for Vascular Pathogenicity"
Lewis Thomas

November 26, 1974
"The Task of Seeing the Virus and Host as Non- Separate Realities"
Hilary Koprowski