The Kinyoun Lectures

The Kinyoun Lecture series was established by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1979 to honor Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun who, in 1887, established the small Laboratory of Hygiene at the Marine Hospital on Staten Island, the predecessor of the National Institutes of Health. NIAID is the direct lineal descendent of the Laboratory of Hygiene within the NIH. These lectures will, for the most part, emphasize the interdependence of infection and immunity.

April 24, 1979
"The Role of Complement in Natural Resistance to Infections"
Hans J. Muller Eberhard

May 8, 1979
"Cell-Mediated Immunity to Intracellular Parasites and Polymorphic Major Transplantation Antigens"
Rolf M. Zinkernagel

October 9, 1979
"Host Proteases and Virus Virulence: The Unkindest Cut"
Purnell W. Choppin

November 27, 199
"Transplantation Experiments in Nature and Their Biological Significance"
Rupert Billingham

March 5, 1980
"Fatal Infectious Mononucleosis and Polyclonal B Cell Lymphoma"
Dorothy Horstman

May 5, 1980
"The Molecular Cloning of E. Coli Enterotoxin Genes"
Stanley Falkow

December 19, 1980
"Antibody Genes and Strategies for Their Expressions"
Leroy Hood

April 3, 1981
"Murine SLE: A Model for Autoimmunity"
Frank J. Dixon

December 3, 1981
"Gene Expression in Heterospecific Hosts: Strategies and Surprises"
Stanley N. Cohen

May 14, 1984
"Murine Major Histocompatibility Complex: Polymorphism, Diversity, Complexity"
Stanley G. Nathenson

April 10, 1987
"Regulation of Immunity by Class II MHC Antigens"
Hugh D. McDevitt

November 20, 1990
"Immunology of a Third-World Disease"
Barry R. Bloom

November 21, 1991
"Cell-Mediated Immunity: From Bench to Bedside"
Zanvil A. Cohen

September 1, 1993
"Lymphocyte Differentiation Pathways: Changing Paradigms"
Max D. Cooper

October 20, 1994
"Antibodies as Carriers of Toxins and as Agonists in Cancer Therapy"
Ellen S. Vitetta

November 3, 1995
"Mutational Analysis of Lymphocyte Differentia- tion and VDJ Recombination"
Frederick W. Alt