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Director’s Council of Public Representatives (COPR)

NIH Public Bulletin – July 2010

July NIH News in Health

Format: Newsletter
Institute: Office of the Director (OD)

The July issue of NIH News in Health, the monthly newsletter bringing you practical health news and tips based on the latest NIH research, will be available on July 6.

In this issue:

  • Feature Stories: "Can We Prevent Alzheimer's Disease? Research Provides Some Leads" and "Mind Your Mouth. Preventing Gum Disease."
  • Health Capsules: "Infants Can Learn While Sleeping," "Gene Pattern Spells Freedom from Lifelong Drugs," and Featured Web Site "Advances in Colorectal Cancer Research."

Next Steps

You can read NIH News in Health online at To set up your own free e-mail subscription, visit You can also follow us on Facebook. Go to and become a fan.

To order free print copies for display in a health/medical facility, senior center, or library, contact the editors at or (301) 435-7489.

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