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Director’s Council of Public Representatives (COPR)

NIH Public Bulletin – May 2010

Exhibit Explores Science Behind Drug Addiction

When: May 1–November 24, 2010
Where: New Orleans, LA
Institute: National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

The Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA's) traveling museum exhibit "Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause" explores the science behind illegal drug addiction and the myriad costs of illegal drugs to individuals, American society, and the world. Wilson Compton, Director of the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research at NIDA, recently participated in the opening of the exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum's Old U.S. Mint building. NIDA contributed a section on "The Costs to the Body & Brain," and Cindy Miner, Deputy Director of NIDA's Office of Science Policy and Communications, helped to update this section between city stops as the facts and stats on drug abuse science and research evolved.

The exhibit was developed in partnership with the DEA Educational Foundation, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, NIDA, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and Partnership for a Drug-Free America. It premiered on September 11, 2002, at the DEA Museum in Arlington, Virginia, and has since inspired millions of visitors in Dallas, Omaha, New York City, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Next Steps

You can learn more about "Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause" and how you can visit the exhibit at

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