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Director’s Council of Public Representatives (COPR)

NIH Public Bulletin – November 2011

Don’t Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease

When: November 2011
Where: Nationwide
Institute: National Eye Institute (NEI)

During American Diabetes Month in November, the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) will expand its efforts to increase awareness about preventing blindness from diabetes. All people with diabetes are at risk for diabetic eye disease, a group of eye complications that can lead to vision loss and blindness. People with diabetes should have a comprehensive dilated eye exam at least once a year to detect diabetic eye disease in its early, treatable stages. In fact, 90 percent of vision loss and blindness from diabetes can be prevented through early detection, timely treatment, and appropriate follow-up care.

Next Steps

NEHEP will be distributing educational materials to organizations serving people with diabetes and using traditional and social media to promote diabetes and eye health information throughout November. For more information about diabetic eye disease, visit

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