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The NIH Director

Roster - NIH Blue Ribbon Panel on Conflict of Interest Policies

Bruce Alberts, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)
National Academy of Sciences
Washington, D.C.

The Honorable Stephen D. Potts
Chairman, ERC Fellows Program
Ethics Resource Center
Washington, D.C.

Norman R. Augustine (Co-Chair)
Chairman, Executive Committee
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Bethesda, Maryland

Dorothy Robinson, Esq.
Vice President
and General Counsel
Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Christine Cassel, M.D.
American Board of Internal Medicine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lawrence Sadwin
Lifestyle Security, L.L.C.
Warren, Rhode Island

Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D.
The Hastings Center
Garrison, New York

James Siedow, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Research and
Professor of Biology
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Philip A. Pizzo, M.D.
Dean, School of Medicine
Stanford University
Stanford, California

Reed V. Tuckson, M.D.
Senior Vice President
Consumer Health & Medical Care
UnitedHealth Group
Minnetonka, Minnesota

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***