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We hear this band hasn’t had a gig since October 2005, when it played the Wilson Hall at a send-off for Dushanka Kleinman, who had been detailed to the OD to get the NIH Roadmap up and running. After her success, she was returning to her home at NIDCR, where she was deputy director, and NIH wanted to thank her not only with commendations and food but with a rip-roaring musical tribute as well.

So this group that called itself "The Directors"—three guitarists and one keyboardist—was called in. They did a great job. They filled the hall with music both raucous and harmonic; invented lyrics that fit the occasion to songs like "Do the Locomotion," "Homeward Bound," and "On the Road Again"; and generally rocked out like there was no tomorrow. But we always thought there would surely be a tomorrow for so talented a crew. And we have waited these many months for their return to the stage. But, alas, they seem to have disappeared.

So we are running this picture just because it gives us pleasure simply to look at it and we’ve been wanting to for over a year now—and because Kids’ Catalyst ran long this issue (see p.15) we had this fitting space . . . .


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