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Demystifying Medicine, 2009 Schedule

The Demystifying Medicine course comprises presentations about patients, pathology, diagnosis and therapy in the context of major disease problems and current research. Primarily directed toward Ph.D. students, fellows, and staff, the course is also of interest to medical students and clinicians. The course is designed to help bridge the gap between advances in biology and their application to major human diseases. Each session includes clinical and basic science components, which are presented by NIH staff and outside invitees.

Those seeking academic credit may register with FAES. Those not seeking academic credit should register through the course e-mail list. Refer to for details, or contact Win Arias at The course is held 4:00–6:00 p.m. in the ground floor auditorium of Building 50 on the NIH Bethesda campus. Registrants who attend more than 60 percent of the sessions and pass a computerized final exam will receive a certificate. Lectures are presented live via online streaming video, and recorded videos are available for viewing online within a few days after the live event.


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