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Clear Communication: A NIH Health Literacy Initiative

Plain Language: Past Award Ceremonies

March 5, 2001 — NIH Plain Language Awards for 2000 Products

IC/OD Author Product
NCI Rose Mary Padberg, R.N., M.A.
Jennifer Flach
Mary S. McCabe, R.N. (w/ Team from FDA & OHRP)
Report: Recommendations for Development of Informed Consent Documents
NEI Judith Stein
Jean Horrigan
Communications, Health Ed & Public Ed Team
Traveling Exhibit (kiosks): The Eye Site
NIA Jane P. Shure & Team
Susan Cahill
Web: Exercise-A Guide from the NIA
NLM Alexa McCray, Ph.D. Web:
NICHD Christina Stile Booklet: RPM3-Responding, Preventing, Monitoring, Mentoring and Modeling Your Way to Being a Successful Parent 
NCI Jana Johnston Flip chart: Spread the Word About Mammograms and Pap Tests: An Educational Resource for Health Professsionals
NCI Jana Johnston Notebook: Breast and Cervical Cancer Programs in Your Community-A Guide
NCI Donna Kerrigan
with Lewis J. Kleinsmith, Ph.D.
Susan Spangler (contractors)
Web tutorial: Understanding Cancer
NHLBI Maureen Kennedy, R.N.
Cheryl Fisher, R.N.
Web: 7E Cardiology Unit Patient Information
NIAAA Diane Miller
Gayle Boyd
Web: Make a Difference: Talk to Your Child About Alcohol
NIAID Maya Hadar Web: DEA Internet Site (Div of Extramural Activities)-How to Write a Research Grant App & NIAID Council News
NIDA Sheryl Massaro Calendar: Walking a Good Path
NIDCD Marin P. Allen, Ph.D.
Brochure: Speech and Language Developmental Milestones 2000
NIDCD Marin P. Allen, Ph.D.
Fact Sheet: Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Have WISE EARS! For Life!
NIDCD Marin P. Allen, Ph.D.
Brochure: Otitis Media-Facts for Parents
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Series of pamphlets: Bladder Control for Women 
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Brochure: Eat Right to Feel Right on Hemodialysis
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Series of pamphlets: Preventing Diabetes Problems
NIDDK Joanne Gallivan Brochure: If You Have Diabetes, Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers
NIMH Lynn Cave
Elaine Worthy Thomas (contractor)
Series of pamphlets: Anxiety Disorders-Real Illnesses
OIR Suzanne Moore (retired) Poster series: Animal Awareness
OSP Robert Taylor Periodical (Web magazine): Snapshots of Science & Medicine
CC John Gallin, M.D. (CC)
Gregory Curt, M.D. (NCI)
Linda Silversmith (CC)
Web: Standards for Clinical Research within NIH Intramural Programs
CIT Captain Cheryl Seaman Web: NIH Security News
NCI Donna Kerrigan Booklet: Understanding Prostate Changes: A Health Guide for All Men
NCI Donna Kerrigan Booklet: Understanding Treatment Choices for Prostate Cancer
NCI Anne Lubenow
Nelvis Castro (w/ HCFA)
Pamphlet: Los Mamogramas. No solamente una vez, sino por toda la vida.
NCI Sheila E. Taube, Ph.D. & Team Consent Form for Use of Tissue for Research and attached "How is Tissue Used for Research?"
NCI Joanne Muskett Brochure: What Every Scientist Should Know About Employee Invention Reports and Patents
NIDCD Mary J. Smith
SPLB Staff
Web: Strategic Plan-Plain Language Version
NIDCR Mary Daum
Karina Boehm
Ruth Mattingly (contractor)
Booklet: Spit Tobacco: A Guide for Quitting
Isabel Garcia
Bruce A. Fuchs, Ph.D.
CD-ROM: Open Wide & Trek Inside-an NIH Science Curriculum for Grades 1-2
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Brochure: What I Need to Know About Hepatitis A
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Brochure: What I Need to Know About Hepatitis B
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Brochure: What I Need to Know About Hepatitis C
NIDDK Kathy Kranzfelder Series of pamphlets: Diabetes Nutrition
NIEHS Tom Hawkins Web: Sharon Finds the Environment
NIGMS Alison Davis, Ph.D. Booklet: The Chemistry of Health
CCR Laurie Doepel
Communications Subcommittee of the Peer Resolution Panel Implementation Team
Poster: Peer Resolution Panel
OA David Rhoads
Ricardo Gomez
Alicia Jackson
Melissa McKerrow
Candy Mason
Newsletter issue: The Logistician
OER Cheryl Fells Brochure: Welcome to Grants Information
OIR Celia Hooper Catalyst article: Write Right-You Gotta
OSP Diane Buckley Web: How to Prepare An Evaluation Proposal -Guidelines for Obtaining Evaluation Set Aside Funds
OSP Bruce A. Fuchs, Ph.D.
Ellen Dobbins
Cindy Allen
Sharon Cargo
Manual: NIH Mini-Med School
CC Sara Byars, Editor Web: Info to Use when Communicating with Patients
CC James M. DeLeo Article: Smart Computing in the Lab
CIT Carla Garnett NIH Record article: NIH Homepage Updates
CIT Audrey Kelly
Star Kline
Yvonne Almazan
Connie Latzko
Allyson Brown
Brochure: Special Services Team
NCI Jana Johnston Brochure: Graduate Internships in Health Communications
NCI Sue Waldrop
OSO team
Web: NCI Research Resources
NHLBI Jonelle Drugan Web: NHLBI Express
NHLBI Jonelle Drugan Web Newsletter: FYI from NHLBI
NIAID Hortencia M. Hornbeak, Ph.D. CD Rom: Instructions for Reviewers
NIAMS Janet Howard (left NIH) Web: Childhood Sports Injuries & Prevention
NIDA David Anderson Periodical: NIDA Notes Vol 15, #5
NIDA Teresa Levitin, Ph.D.
William C. Grace, Ph.D.
Web: Office of Extramural Affairs FAQs
NIDA Catherine Sasek, Ph.D. Magazine & Poster: Teacher's Guide--Mind over Matter
NIDDK Joan Chamberlain
Leslie Curtis
Jane DeMouy
Anna Maria Gillis
Mary Harris
Booklet: A New Century of Science...A New Era of Hope
NIDDK Joanne Gallivan, Director, National Diabetes Education Program Brochure: Control Your Diabetes for Life: Tips for Feeling Better and Staying Healthy
NIEHS John Schelp & committee Traffic Sign: YIELD
OD/ACD Janice Ramsden Memo: Statement of Ethical Conduct for SGEs
ORS ORS/DES/PWB/GMLS - Lynn Mueller, Chief Brochure: Snow & Ice Control
ORS Timothy J. Tosten
Ellen K. Grant
Mark Fryman
Web site and on-line request form: Interpreting Services 
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