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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

March 8, 2012

To: IC Directors
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — January 12, 2012

NIH-FDA Partnership in Tobacco Control: Lawrence R. Deyton, MSPH, MD

Dr. Deyton, Director, FDA Center for Tobacco Control, provided an overview of the FDA and its authority to regulate tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act. He highlighted the mandate for a public health standard under the Act and the authority provided under the Act to conduct research to support tobacco product regulation. Dr. Deyton stressed the need for collaboration with NIH ICDs in order to continue to build a strong science base for successful tobacco regulation. Dr. Deyton gave some examples where scientific collaboration could take place around the issues of nicotine and tobacco toxicity.

Dr. Deyton and Dr. Robert Croyle (NCI) concluded by presenting an update on the new NIH-FDA partnership in tobacco control. An NIH-FDA Tobacco Regulatory Science Workgroup was formed with representation of multiple NIH Institutes and Centers. Additionally, there are several NIH-FDA research collaborations currently underway and in the planning process for the future. Drs. Deyton and Croyle emphasized the potential for many ICD's to collaborate with FDA and that FDA has funding for specific research projects when they are able to support FDA's mission.

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