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Freedom of Information Act Office

IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

November 7, 2005

To: IC Directors
From: Director, Executive Secretariat
Subject: IC Directors Meeting Highlights—June 23, 2005

Discussion Items

I. 180-Day Program Evaluation Report on NIH EEO Program Restructuring

Mr. Self presented the first evaluation report of the EEO restructuring process. He reported that the first six months under the new structure have been very busy and have included addressing such issues as records consolidation, space, and morale.

He next announced Ms. Joan Brogan’s retirement, noting that the activities of the OEODM Division of Policy, Planning, and Diversity Management that she had headed would be subsumed into the three other Divisions:

  • Division of Program Evaluation
  • Division of IC Services
  • Division of Complaints Management and Resolution

The group showed its gratitude for Ms. Brogan’s many years of service to the NIH OEO Community with a round of applause.

Noting that as of June 23, OEODM has an FTE ceiling of 74, with 54 FTEs onboard, Mr. Self explained that first among OEODM concerns are:

  • meeting IC needs without loss of service.
  • communicating promptly and clearly.
  • training/developing staff.
  • addressing the lack of performance measures.

He then described a number of OEODM actions and accomplishments in these areas of concern, ranging from assigning OEODM liaisons and advisors to work with specific ICs to specific efforts in the areas of training, communications, space and morale.

In conclusion, Mr. Self summarized the complaint activities (the most frequent bases alleged, most frequent issues alleged, monetary costs, and customer satisfaction) and the next steps in restructuring activities: reallocation of resources and staff; finalization of service-level agreements and the three-year strategic plan; completion of EEO records/files consolidation; filling of vacancies; space consolidations; and continuation of communication activities.

II. Steering Committee Update

Dr. Kington reported that at the June 16 Steering Committee Meeting,

  • Mr. Stith briefed the Committee on the accomplishments, on-going initiatives, and next steps related to the Financing and Accounting ARAC restructuring initiative; and
  • Mr. Ellis, OER, presented the goals, achievements, and current initiatives of the Grants Management ARAC initiative.

The next Committee meeting is scheduled for June 30.

Dr. Zerhouni then invited the group to discuss the Steering Committee’s communication efforts and urged the Directors, especially those not currently serving on the Committee, to suggest topics and concerns that they think need to be brought before the Committee.

Scientific Presentation

III. Developing a Sweet Tooth

Dr. Tabak presented the latest research findings regarding sweet taste receptors; development as it relates to developing a sweet tooth; and how multiple “flavors” of polypeptide O-glycosylation are essential for normal development.

He noted the groundbreaking work of several NIH researchers in this field and related the findings to work in other research areas, mentioning specifically Dr. Gallin’s presentation on inflammation. A very interactive discussion followed wherein a number of IC Directors shared their perspectives and discussed the provocative implications for their own areas of research. Several commented on how the sharing of research information through these scientific presentations is exciting and synergistic.

Dale Johnson
cc:OD Senior Staff

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*** This page is archived and provided for reference purposes only ***