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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

October 31, 2011

To: IC Directors
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — September 23, 2010

FY2011 Central Services Budget Review:Griffin Rodgers, Colleen Barros, David Heller, Shalini Kapur, and Jack Mahoney

Dr. Griffin Rodgers, co-Chair of the Management and Budget Working Group, presented the MBWG's Central Services Funding recommendations for FY2011. Three funding sources were described outside of appropriations: The Management Fund, Service and Supply Fund Assessment, and the Service and Supply Fund Fee-for-Service. The budget review process asked all Working Groups to provide recommendations, by fund, for a commitment base, a FY 2011 budget based at the FY 2010 level, and an optional professional judgment budget. Working Groups were also asked to develop cost mitigation strategies as well as categorizing programs as core or non-core activities.

The MBWG FY2011 funding recommendation represents a total 3.8% increase and includes $3.8 million for continuing cost for projects started with funding from ARRA. The funding target of 3.8% is the weighted average of the projected FY 2011increase for Research Management Support and Intramural Research.

Dr. Rodgers noted that in the Intramural Working Group's request for a 6.4% increase for funding for the Clinical Center was consistent with the Advisory Board for Clinical Research's recommendations.The MBWG recommended a 5.5% increase, providing funding for all high priority program initiatives. Funding for the CC will be based upon assessments to the IRP pending recommendation of the Scientific Management Review Board (SMRB). Other interest items include funding to begin correcting leave balance discrepancies between government timekeeping systems, and the placement of additional funding in a reserve established in FY 2010 for NIH-wide IT security pending IC Director's approval of an overall strategy.

Dr. Rodgers also reviewed the funding recommendations for the OD, CSR/SREA, ORS, ORF (including Leases and Utilities), Enterprise Systems, and CIT. In all cases, the highest priority program initiatives of the organizations will be funded within the overall budgetary target. Finally, Dr. Rodgers identified longer term funding challenges that must be addressed in future years.

Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship presentations: Mark Huffman and Kogieleum Naidoo

Two former students of the Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship (FICR-F) presented on their own experiences in the program. The purpose of the program is to provide clinical research training opportunities to pre- and post-doctoral graduates, residents, and fellows in NIH-funded research centers in low- or middle-income countries. Fogarty currently has twenty-five participating sites in fifteen low- or middle-income countries. This program provides stipends for both the US and foreign scholars, funding for travel and educational materials, and infrastructure support for the foreign site.

Mark Huffman is a cardiology/preventative medicine research fellow at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Mark studied cardiovascular disease at the Centre for Chronic Disease Control in New Delhi, India.

Kogie Naido is the Head of the Treatment Research Programme at the Centre for the Aids Programme of Research in South Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal. Kogie participated in both the PETRA (Paediatric Transmission of AIDS) and SAINT (South African Intrapartum Neviripine Trial at sites in Durban and Vulindlela.

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