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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

March 20, 2013

To: IC Directors
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — November 8, 2012

Announcements: Dr. Collins provided brief updates on the FY14 budget process.  He also noted a new NIH Director’s blog.

Post-Election Update: Pat White

Mr. White provided brief comments on the election results, including statistics on voting demographics and the changing electorate.  He described the timeline for Congress to take action before the debt ceiling was expected to be reached and sequester was set to take effect.  Finally, he provided an outline of the Simpson-Bowles Debt Reduction Plan. 

PubMed Central Update: David Lipman

Dr. Lipman provided brief updates on upcoming changes to PubMed Central, NCBI’s full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. He gave a demonstration of new functionalities, including “PubReader,” a presentation format that makes it easier to read articles in PubMed Central.  PubReader was designed to enhance reading of articles on tablet and small device environments, but also works for desktops and laptops.  Some useful features include easy navigation, simple display, and quick access to figures throughout the article.

NCBC Program Accomplishments: Jim Anderson and Russ Altman

Dr. Anderson provided background on the National Centers for Biomedical Computing (NCBC) Program.  The NCBC objectives focused in four areas: biomedical computation, driving biological projects, training the next generation of scientists, and access and dissemination of resources.  Since 2004, eight Centers have been funded covering a range of research areas (e.g., biomedical ontologies, systems biology, and image analysis). 

Dr. Altman, Stanford University, gave an overview of the work that has been ongoing at several of the Centers: Simbios, i2b2, NA-MIC, NCBO, MAGNet, and iDash. He also noted the integrative activities that the Program has enabled, including a shared post-doc program, metadata formats for describing resources, cross-cutting outreach, and collaborations.  He emphasized the importance of funding methods to store, analyze, and disseminate data in order to effectively enable discoveries and efficiencies. IC Directors were interested in perspectives on lessons learned from the Program thus far.  They also echoed the critical need for discovery and efficiency in the “big data” era.

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