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IC Directors' Meeting Highlights

March 20, 2013

To: IC Directors
Subject: IC Directors' Meeting Highlights — December 13, 2012

Announcements: Dr. Collins provided brief updates on recent visits to NYU by himself and Dr. Rockey.  He also provided updates on the HIRO meeting on December 3 and the ACD meeting on December 6-7.

Rigor Workshop Results: Harold Varmus and Story Landis

Dr. Varmus introduced the topic: the reliability of published results of NIH-funded research.  NCI convened a workshop on September 14 to assess the issue; attendees confirmed that many published results are misleading or wrong (e.g., inadequate sample size, inadequate replicates, invalidated reagents, or data-selection).  NINDS has also experienced concerns with data accuracy in the past year and subsequently released a guide notice in August 2011 to provide guidance to the extramural community.  NINDS also performed independent replication studies and held a workshop to address the issue of poor reproducibility.

IC Directors were very interested in this topic and supported follow-up efforts by a small team led by Dr. Landis.  They noted the importance of including topics related to behavioral sciences, application review, and training in these discussions.   

Genomic Data Sharing Follow-up: Eric Green, Amy Patterson, and Laura Rodriguez

Due to time constraints, this topic was postponed for a future date.

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