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Office of Communications & Public Liaison

NIH Publications Clearances

All NIH publications intended for external audiences must be cleared through OASPA. Contact Rich McManus with any questions.

Process for Publications (new or revised)

  1. Fill out the HHS-615 "Publication Planning and Clearance Request" form.
  2. Submit the signed form to Rich McManus of the OCPL Editorial Operations Branch, Building 31, 5B41. The form will be forwarded to OASPA for review. You may expect it back with OASPA's comments in a minimum of 15 working days. Even if your request is approved conditionally—that is, if OASPA requires you to make changes to your publication plan—there is no need to resubmit the HHS-615.
  3. Fill out the NIH 1616-1 "Request for Publication and Speech Clearance" form.
  4. Submit the signed form with the completed text and captions for your publication to Rich McManus. Your manuscript will be reviewed and returned within 7-10 days with any requested changes clearly marked.
  5. Work with your AO to generate a CSA request for printing form.
  6. Submit the CSA request, along with camera-ready copy, to Rich McManus. Even if you are submitting your publication to the printer on diskette, you are required to submit to the Editorial Operations Branch a paper copy of the text layout, any illustrations, a dummy layout of front and back covers, title page, preface, foreword, introduction, contents page(s), and any other material to appear in your publication. Your package will be reviewed and returned with a signature indicating that it is ready to take to print.
  7. When your publication comes back from the printer, submit 2 copies to Rich McManus.

Process for Speeches
Submit an NIH 1616-1 form along with your text, and any handouts or slides, to Rich McManus in Building 31, 5B41.

This page last reviewed on April 7, 2014

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