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Guidelines for NIH Home Page Slides

Acceptable slides for the NIH home page need to meet one of the following criteria:

  • to highlight NIH health campaigns
  • to announce important new clinical finding or breakthrough announcements developed with support from NIH
  • to highlight NIH information and resources that relate to a breaking national public health issue or emergency
  • to highlight NIH program initiatives, especially those that are trans-NIH in nature, such new award programs
  • to highlight unique NIH-sponsored educational resources of broad interest to multiple audiences
  • to promote directorial announcements and other key messages that concern overall [NIH or DHHS] agency goals, policies, and priorities

Slides for the NIH home page are not intended for:

Technical Specifications

E-mail your request with the following information to the OD Online Information Branch (OLIB):

  1. Headline text
    • approximately 8 words maximum
  2. Description text
    • 25 words maximum
    • Wording should be clear, concise, and jargon-free. Bullet lists are not allowed. Full sentences with proper punctuation work best.
  3. A valid URL
    • Your slide will link to this URL for more information.
    • The slide must link to a web page, not directly to a file such as a PDF or video.
    • We cannot link to NIH sites residing in non-government domains unless you have an HHS domain name exemption.
  4. An image
    • A high quality/high resolution photo or image (bare minimum resolution of 72dpi)
    • Size: at least 288 pixels square
    • The image must not contain any wording or text, unless you're including a logo.
    • Avoid the use of collages or montages. The image should be clean and not cluttered.
    • Attach the image to your e-mail.
  5. Date range

    Please include the date range preferences for your slide. If your slide may be posted at any time, please specify that it is an "Evergreen" slide.

After your request is approved, we will assemble your headline text, description text, and image into a slide. Here are some examples of finished slides:

This page last reviewed on March 26, 2015

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