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NIH Web Authors Group (WAG)


The mission of the NIH Web Authors Group is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among Web developers working at the NIH. Communication is fostered by meetings, electronic newsletters, and listserv announcements, including guidance on policy and best practices.


Government and contract employees working at any Institute, Center, or Office of the NIH who are responsible for the development and/or maintenance of an NIH Web site are welcome to join the WAG and to attend WAG-sponsored events and activities.

Current members list

To join the WAG, please contact:

Julie Morton
Online Information Branch
Office of the Director, NIH


The NIH Web Authors Group began in September of 1995 as a forum to share information among NIH Web developers. The first meeting was held February 28, 1996. This site was launched in July of 1999 to provide additional information and support. The group focuses on content, design, and policy issues and sharing best practices, challenges, and resources. Over several years, the WAG has served as forum for key public presentations including: overviews of new NIH sites, policy issues affecting NIH sites, information on usability techniques, and updates on Web searching and the NIH search engine.

This page last reviewed on August 21, 2014

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