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News Releases - December 2013

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NIH to fund research workforce diversity program

December 30, 2013 — Awards will support creative and transformative approaches to prepare students for successful biomedical research careers.

Origins of Timezyme: Evolutionary tree showing development of AANAT enzyme.

Enzyme that produces melatonin originated 500 million years ago, NIH study shows

December 23, 2013 — Origins of “timezyme” have implications for understanding sleep, retina disorders.

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President Obama Honors Outstanding Early-Career NIH Scientists

December 23, 2013 — POTUS chooses 20 NIH scientists for this yearís Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

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Revised autism screening tool offers more precise assessment

December 23, 2013 — Testing during routine checkups indicates earlier diagnosis possible.

Graph showing perceived harm from marijuana

Sixty percent of 12th graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful

December 18, 2013 — NIHís 2013 Monitoring the Future Survey shows high rates of marijuana use; decreases in abuse of pain relievers and synthetic drugs.

An illustration of a brain.

NIH announces six funding opportunities for the BRAIN Initiative in fiscal 2014

December 17, 2013 — Opportunities focus on developing tools and technologies for advancing our understanding of brain circuitry.

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NIH program bridges gap to develop new therapeutics

December 17, 2013 — New projects advance treatments for acute radiation syndrome, brain injury from cardiac arrest and a rare blood disorder.

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NIH names leadership, research units for restructured HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks

December 17, 2013 — Networks will lead HIV/AIDS clinical trials research through 2021.

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NIH and NFL tackle concussion research

December 16, 2013 — NIH announces research projects funded largely by donation from the NFL.

Image of mouse brain blood vessels

Study breaks blood-brain barriers to understanding Alzheimerís

December 13, 2013 — NIH-funded study suggests brain blood vessel cells may be therapeutic targets for Alzheimerís diseases.

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NIH study links family structure to high blood pressure in African-American men

December 12, 2013 — Children of two-parent homes grow up to have lower rates of adult hypertension.

Image of an aquatic comb jelly

With new study, aquatic comb jelly floats into new evolutionary position

December 12, 2013 — Study calls for a shift in understanding of how complex cell types evolved.

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NIH network revolutionizes stroke clinical research

December 12, 2013 — Stroke remains number one cause of disability and fourth leading cause of death in the United States.

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Tobacco, drug use in pregnancy can double risk of stillbirth

December 11, 2013 — NIH network study documents elevated risk associated with marijuana, other substances.

Illustration of RNA interference.

Gene-silencing data now publicly available to help scientists better understand disease

December 11, 2013 — NIH data-sharing collaboration with Life Technologies will advance genetic and translational research, therapeutic target discovery.

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Stimulant-addicted patients can quit smoking without hindering treatment

December 10, 2013 — New NIH study dispels concerns about addressing tobacco addiction among substance abuse patients

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NIH Names Dr. Philip E. Bourne First Associate Director for Data Science

December 9, 2013 —Dr. Bourne will lead the NIH Big Data efforts.

Concussion Secrets Unveiled

Concussion secrets unveiled in mice and people

December 8, 2013 — NIH scientists film early concussion damage and describe brainís response to injury.

An image of a brain

NeuroBioBank gives researchers one-stop access to post-mortem brains

December 2, 2013 — NIH networks five brain banks to overcome bottlenecks.

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NIH announces plan to increase funding toward a cure for HIV/AIDS

December 2, 2013 — NIH will invest an additional $100 million over the next three fiscal years.

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NIH deposits first batch of genomic data for Alzheimerís disease

December 2, 2013 — Researchers gain rapid access to first set of raw human genome sequence.

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