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NIH Image Bank

We are currently updating the collection.

NIH is the nation’s medical research agency. Our 27 Institutes and Centers (IC) maintain programmatic responsibility for thousands of disorders, health conditions, and research areas.

To coordinate distribution while ensuring that proper licenses, permissions, and copyright protections are fully documented and respected, the NIH sponsors a centralized image service for the dissemination of primarily scientific, biomedical, and disease related imagery. We check for image requests throughout the day and work with our IC counterparts on identifying appropriate resources.

You may email your request to

Please indicate whether you have a deadline and where the image will appear (i.e. on the Web, in print, a poster, newsletter, etc.) You will hear back from us shortly.

If you have a question about the NIH logo, please email

We appreciate your request and thank you for your interest in our programs and activities.




This page last reviewed on August 6, 2015

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