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Guidelines for Posting Links to Special Events

The Events section of the NIH News and Events page ( is used to post links to selected events of interest to the NIH Community. If, after reviewing the following guidelines you believe your event should be listed on the NIH News and Events page, please contact the OD Online Information Branch and provide:

  1. The title of the event
  2. The date(s) of the event
  3. The event web page URL

Please note that you are responsible for creating and hosting the actual HTML pages announcing your event; OLIB does not create or host content for posted events.

While we review each submission on a case-by-case basis, here are the general guidelines used to determine if an event should be listed on the NIH News and Events page.

We post:
  • Meetings sponsored by NIH.
  • Meetings of special interest to the NIH Office of the Director.
  • Meetings sponsored by more than one Institute or Center (IC), or, IC meetings on trans-NIH issues.
  • Special NIH meetings that have national or international interest.
  • Meetings of interest to a broad segment of the NIH community or the public (if the meeting is of interest only to highly selective group, we recommend targeting the announcement to that group elsewhere)
  • Important educational or cultural events that are open to all.
  • Meetings involving visiting VIPs.
  • Events for officially sanctioned NIH groups.

We do not post:
  • Events that promote commercial products or services.
  • Information on religious or political events.
  • Events with registration fees for admittance.

Another option for promoting your event is the NIH Calendar of Events. The Calendar is updated daily, and is the most complete and current listing of NIH-related events.

This page last reviewed on March 7, 2011

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