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Tuesday, August 5, 1997

Walinda West
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Bob Mehnert
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"Visible Human" Featured at Maryland Science Center

The National Library of Medicine's Visible Human project is the subject of a special exhibition at the Maryland Science Center at the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

The exhibit, Inside Out: The Visible Human, opens August 9 and will be on display six months before traveling to other science institutions around the country.

The display showcases the work of renowned artist and photojournalist Alexander Tsiaras who used data generated by the Visible Human project in which an adult male body was electronically imaged, photographed in one millimeter sections, then digitally processed and recorded. Although the data are now being used extensively by researchers, physicians, and educators, Tsiaras's work is the first to interpret the images for the public.

Sample images and more information about the Visible Human project (in addition to the male, there is also now a female) are available on the World Wide Web at

For information about the exhibit contact:

Walinda West
PR Manager
Maryland Science Center
For information about the Visible Human contact:
Bob Mehnert
Public Information Officer
National Library of Medicine