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December 2006

December 22-31, 2006
Molecular Anatomy of Influenza Virus Detailed, December 29, 2006
Gene Discovered for Form of Brittle Bone Disease, December 27, 2006
December 15-21, 2006
Researchers Find That a ‘Silent’ Gene Mutation Can Change the Function of an Anticancer Drug Pump, December 21, 2006
Experience Sculpts Brain Circuitry to Build Resiliency to Stress, December 21, 2006
NIDA-Sponsored Survey Shows Decrease in Illicit Drug Use among Nation’s Teens but Prescription Drug Abuse Remains High, December 21, 2006
New Brain Imaging Compound Shows Promise For Earlier Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, December 20, 2006
Mental Exercise Helps Maintain Some Seniors’ Thinking Skills, December 19, 2006
Reduced Levels of Fat in the Diet May Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence According to New Clinical Trial, December 19, 2006
National Institutes of Health to Announce Results of 2006 Monitoring the Future Survey, December 19, 2006
Herbal Supplement Fails to Relieve Hot Flashes in Large NIH Trial, December 18, 2006
Malaria Vaccine Primes Victims’ Blood to Eliminate Parasite From Mosquitoes, December 18, 2006
NHLBI Offers 2007 Keep the Beat Calendar — A Gift for a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, December 18, 2006
December 8-14, 2006
Adult Male Circumcision Significantly Reduces Risk of Acquiring HIV, December 13, 2006
NIH Launches dbGaP, a Database of Genome Wide Association Studies, December 12, 2006
NIDA NewsScan #47, December 11, 2006
NIH Announces Licensing Opportunities for Rare Disease Technologies, December 11, 2006
New, Easy-to-Read Booklet Offers Cold-Weather Tips for Older Adults, December 11, 2006
Researchers Discover Method in Mice to Restore Tamoxifen Sensitivity in Resistant Breast Cancer, December 11, 2006
A Statement from the NIH Director, Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., Regarding the “National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006”, December 11, 2006
December 1-7, 2006
Hormonal Contraception Does Not Appear To Increase HIV Risk, December 7, 2006
Infectious Disease Researchers Develop Basis for Experimental Melanoma Treatment, December 7, 2006
Scientific Meeting on Pulmonary Hypertension December 7-8, December 6, 2006
Young African American Adults At High Risk for HIV, STDs Even In Absence of High-Risk Behaviors, December 5, 2006
NCI Researchers Develop Modified Immunotoxin for Cancer Therapy in Mouse Study, December 4, 2006
Brain’s Fear Center Shrinks in Autism’s Most Severely Socially-Impaired, December 4, 2006
Benefits to Employers Outweigh Enhanced Depression-Care Costs, December 4, 2006
NIDA Researchers Complete Unprecedented Scan of Human Genome That May Help Unlock the Genetic Contribution to Tobacco Addiction, December 4, 2006
Disability Among Older Americans Continues Significant Decline, December 1, 2006
Statement from the National Institutes of Health on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2006
Papers of Pioneering Cancer Researcher, NIH Director, and Nobel Laureate Harold Varmus Added to the National Library of Medicine’s Profiles in Science Website, December 1, 2006
Older Drug May Be More Cost-Effective for Some Patients with Schizophrenia, December 1, 2006

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