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January 2000

January 22-31, 2000
U.S. 15 Year Olds Less Likely to Watch Television or Smoke Than Children in Many Other Industrialized Countries, January 31, 2000
Extension of Public Comment Period on Draft National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Research Involving Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (December 1999), January 31, 2000
Study Shows Greater Risk of Breast Cancer with Estrogen-Progestin Therapy Compared to Estrogen Alone, January 28, 2000
Newly Updated HIV Treatment Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents Available on the World Wide Web, January 28, 2000
When Jack Frost Howls, Take Cover - Even Indoors Hypothermia Alert for Older People Disease, January 25, 2000
Note to Reporters and Editors: NIH Will Hold New Consensus Conference on Breast Cancer Therapy, January 24, 2000

January 15-21, 2000
Obesity Gene Controls Bone Density Via Brain Pathway, January 20, 2000
NIH and E.I. DuPont Sign OncoMouse® Agreement, January 19, 2000
NINDS Funds Five Specialized Neuroscience Programs at Minority Institutions, January 18, 2000
HHS Secretary Names Five to NIAID Advisory Council, January 18, 2000
Gates Foundation and NIH Fund Global Network for Women and Children's Health Research, January 18, 2000
New Web Site Provides Access to Information on Sleep and Sleep Disorders, January 18, 2000
Dr. Richard L. Nahin Named Director of Extramural Research, Training and Review for NCCAM, January 18, 2000

January 8-14, 2000
National Library of Medicine Announces Initiative to Help Public Use Online Health Information, January 14, 2000
Statement from Claude Lenfant, M.D., NHLBI Director, on Systolic Blood Pressure, Deaths, and Treatment Guidelines, January 13, 2000
Expert Panel Identifies Major Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Medical Implant Retrieval and Analysis, January 12, 2000

January 1-7, 2000
NIH Conference to Assess State of Medical Implants, January 5, 2000
HPV Testing May Be Useful in Cervical Cancer Screening, January 4, 2000
Environment Health Institute's Centers to Breed Mice with Human-Like Gene Variants that Modify Their Responses to Environmental Factors and the Repair of Damaged DNA, January 3, 2000

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