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January 2001

January 22-31, 2001
Research Shows TV PSAs Effective in Reducing Teen Marijuana Use, January 31, 2001
African American Teens at Greater Risk of Tobacco Addiction, January 30, 2001
NIDA NewsScan, January 30, 2001
Scientists Isolate Premature Ovarian Failure Gene, January 30, 2001
Mouse with Iron Disorder Offers Clues to Parkinson's, Similar Diseases, January 30, 2001
Drug Decreases Blood Vessel Stiffness In Older Primates, January 29, 2001
One-Stop Shopping for Health Information on the Internet: MEDLINEplus, January 26, 2001
Heat Up Your Indoor Fitness Program During Cold Winter Months with NIA'S Over-50 Fit Kit, January 25, 2001
NTP Completes 500th Two-Year Rodent Study and Report; Series is the Gold Standard of Animal Toxicology, January 25, 2001
Clinical Study Confirms Single Gene Change in Chloroquine-Resistant Malaria, January 24, 2001
Gene Sequence of Deadly E. Coli Reveals Surprisingly Dynamic Genome, January 24, 2001
Experimental Therapy May Lead to Better Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, January 22, 2001

January 15-21, 2001
TCDD — Dioxin — Is Listed as 'Known Human Carcinogen' in Federal Government's "Ninth Report on Carcinogens", January 19, 2001
HHS Secretary Names Four to NIAID Advisory Council, January 19, 2001
NIH Course on Human Research Protections Goes Online, January 18, 2001
New Research Expands Understanding of Treatment for ADHD, January 16, 2001

January 8-14, 2001
Paul A. Sieving, M.D., Ph.D., Named Director, National Eye Institute, January 11, 2001
New Members Appointed to NAGMS Council, January 11, 2001
NICHD Funded Researchers First to Genetically Modify Non Human Primate, January 11, 2001
Newborn Lung Treatment Poses Risk of Intestinal Perforation, January 10, 2001
First Director of New NIH Center Sworn-in Today; "National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities" Was Established by U.S. Congress, January 9, 2001

January 1-7, 2001
Major Review Reveals That Osteoarthritis is a Complex Disease with New Solutions, January 5, 2001
Virginity Pledge Helps Teens Delay Sexual Activity, January 4, 2001
Trans-NIH Collaboration With NIOSH Initiates Studies of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health, January 4, 2001
Reducing Sodium Leads to Substantial Drop in Blood Pressure, Finds NHLBI Study, January 3, 2001
Surgeon General Releases a National Action Agenda on Children's Mental Health, January 3, 2001
Steroid Medication No Help to CFS Patients Who Get That Faint Feeling, January 2, 2001
Environmental Health Institute Scientists Begin to Unravel Cause of Blocked Memory in Alzheimer's, January 2, 2001
NIH Scientists Highlight Role of Macrophages in HIV Infection, January 1, 2001

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