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Tuesday, January 13, 1998

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Prostate Cancer Research at the National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is committed to a program of research that will relieve the burden of prostate cancer for all men, including African Americans and hopes to increase the number of African Americans participating in the clinical trials that it sponsors.

Along with the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NCI co-sponsored in November 1997 a Leadership Conference for Prostate Cancer in the African-American community. Conference participants developed a National Blueprint for Action, a set of recommendations to deal with prostate cancer in the African-American community.

The research recommendations in the blueprint will be considered by NCI's Prostate Cancer Progress Review Group (PCPRG), which is conducting an extensive evaluation of NCI's prostate cancer research program in order to create a national agenda for research. The PCPRG will complete its nine-month analysis in the spring of 1998.

Throughout the country federal dollars are supporting scientists actively engaged in research into all aspects of the disease. Highlights of current NCI efforts in prostate cancer research include:

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