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July 2001

July 22-31, 2001
Dr. Martin H. Goldrosen Named Chief of NCCAM's Office of Scientific Review, July 29, 2001
Dr. Jane F. Kinsel Named NCCAM's Associate Director for Science Policy and Operations, July 29, 2001
NICHD Funds New Sites To Follow Disease Progression In HIV-Infected Women, July 27, 2001
NICHD Fertility Researcher Receives Award for Listening to Patients, July 25, 2001
NIDA NewsScan, July 24, 2001
Largest-Ever Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Opens: 32,000 Men Sought to Test Vitamin E and Selenium, July 24, 2001
NTP Plans to Look at Common Viruses, Radiation, Cooking By-Products for New Carcinogen Report, July 24, 2001

July 15-21, 2001
Statement by HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson Regarding the America's Children Report, July 19, 2001
Scientific Conference Focuses on Ecstasy (MDMA), July 19, 2001
NIH Scientific Stem Cell Report Released, July 18, 2001
New Mutant Mouse Repositories Established for Biomedical Research Community, July 17, 2001
Public-Private Partnership Launches Osteoarthritis Initiative, July 17, 2001
Dr. Edmund C. Tramont Named Director of NIAID's Division of AIDS, July 16, 2001

July 8-14, 2001
NIAID Focus on International Bug-Borne Disease Research Now Online, July 12, 2001
An Epidemic May Have Gone Unnoticed — DDT Use in U.S. Linked to Premature Births in the 1960's, July 12, 2001
Study of Teens in Four Cities Finds Drug Treatment Effective, July 12, 2001
Scientists Find Similar Survival Rates for Eye Cancer Therapies, July 12, 2001
Researchers Find That After Stopping Cocaine Use, Drug Craving Gets Stronger Over Time, July 11, 2001
Staph Bacteria are Prolific Gene Swappers, Researchers Show, July 9, 2001
UCLA'S Lutz Birnbaumer, Who has Helped Demonstrate How Cells 'Talk,' will be NIEHS' New Scientific Director, July 9, 2001

July 1-7, 2001
Risk of Uterine Rupture During Labor Higher for Women with a Prior Cesarean Delivery, July 4, 2001
NCCAM Appoints Dr. Joana Rosario as Director of New Office of International Health Research, July 3, 2001
National Study Examines Sites Where U.S. Children Drown, July 2, 2001
Manipulating A Single Gene Dramatically Improves Regeneration in Adult Neurons, July 1, 2001

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