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July 2002

July 22-31, 2002
NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study Finds Strong Link Between Overweight/Obesity And Risk For Heart Failure, July 31, 2002
NIMH Study Finds Anti-Psychotic Medication Useful In Treating Serious Behavioral Problems Among Children With Autism, July 31, 2002
July 2002 NIDA NewsScan, July 31, 2002
Questions Arise As More Older Americans Outlive Driving Privilege, July 29, 2002
Mouse With Rett Syndrome May Provide Model for Testing Treatments, Understanding Disorder, July 29, 2002
NIH Licenses New MRI Technology That Produces Detailed Images of Nerves, Other Soft Tissues, July 29, 2002
Drug Targets Brain Circuits that Drive Appetite and Body Weight , July 25, 2002
Pattern of Newborn Infections Changes, July 25, 2002

July 15-21, 2002
NIH Funds Botanical Center in Iowa to Study Health Effects of Echinacea and St. John's Wort, July 25, 2002
New Campaign Says "Cuide Su Corazón" to People with Diabetes, July 22, 2002
Study Offers New Insights Into Overcoming Disparities in Health, July 22, 2002
Scientists One Step Closer to Cause of Uterine Fibroids, July 22, 2002
The NIH Releases New Curriculum Supplements with Findings on the Brain, Environmental Health, and Oral Health, July 19, 2002
Gene May Bias Amygdala Response to Frightful Faces, July 18, 2002
Panel Calls for Greater Attention to Cancer Patients' Pain, Depression, and Fatigue, July 17, 2002
Genetic Studies Shed Light on Malaria Parasite's Origins and Drug Resistance, July 17, 2002
Increased Risk of Ovarian Cancer is Linked to Estrogen Replacement Therapy, July 16, 2002

July 8-14, 2002
Viruses Help Strep Bacteria Turn Deadly, July 15, 2002
Individuals' Risk of Melanoma Increases With Time Outdoors, Especially in High-Sunlight Areas, July 14, 2002
Preeminent Medical Historian To Speak at Inaugural Complementary and Alternative Medicine Lecture, July 12, 2002
NHLBI Stops Trial of Estrogen Plus Progestin Due to Increased Breast Cancer Risk, Lack of Overall Benefit, July 9, 2002

July 1-7, 2002
Exposure to Hepatitis C Has No Effect on Antiretroviral Treatment Outcomes in HIV Patients, July 6, 2002
TIPSHEET: XIV International AIDS Conference, Barcelona, Spain, July 7-12, 2002, July 5, 2002
NIDA to Host Satellite Meetings on HIV & Drug Use at the XIV International AIDS Conference in Barcelona, July 5, 2002
Muscle Stem Cells Show Promise Against Muscular Dystrophy in Mouse Model, July 3, 2002
"Power Nap" Prevents Burnout; Morning Sleep Perfects a Skill, July 2, 2002
NIH Convenes Panel to Discuss Symptom Management in Cancer, July 1, 2002
Thomas Gallagher, Ph.D., Named Director of NIH's Office of Community Liaison, July 1, 2002
NIGMS Energizes NMR Research With World's Biggest Magnets, July 1, 2002

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