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July 1997

July 22-31, 1997
NIEHS Shortcut Isolates and Clones BRCA2 Gene in Yeast; Success Leads to Establishment of Gene Isolation Unit, July 31, 1997
TB Prophylaxis Unnecessary in HIV-Infected People With Anergy, Study Suggests, July 30, 1997
NIEHS, CDC Fund Study of Fungus Fatal to Cleveland Infants, July 30, 1997
NCI Completes Nationwide Study of Radioactive Fallout from 1950s Nuclear Tests, July 25, 1997
Study Finds PCBs May Increase Risk for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, July 24, 1997
Researchers Clone Infectious Hepatitis C Virus, July 24, 1997
NCI Announces Reorganization and Two Senior Appointments, July 23, 1997
Charles Harkin Award for Research in Thyroid Cancer, July 22, 1997
Study Finds Moderate Doses of Vitamin A Before and During Pregnancy Do Not Pose Risk of Birth Defects, July 22, 1997

July 15-21, 1997
Ninth Special Report on Alcohol and Health Marks Research Gains, July 18, 1997
Later Criminal Behavior and Drug Use Dramatically Reduced By Drug Treatment Beginning in Prison, July 18, 1997
New Federal Saccharin Review Planned; Could Lead to Removal From List of Carcinogens, July 18, 1997
Fact Memory Spared Despite Hippocampal Damage, July 17, 1997
NIH Sponsors Meeting To Determine the Future Direction of Women's Health Research, July 16, 1997
New Statistical Methodology Suggests Elevated Breast Cancer Mortality in Large Parts of Northeastern United States, July 15, 1997
Hypertension Therapy Prevents Heart Failure Among Elderly, July 15, 1997

July 8-14, 1997
New Side Effects of Popular AIDS Drug Reported, July 14, 1997
Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Proves Effective in Children, July 14, 1997
NIH Scientists Identify Gene for Fatal Childhood Disorder, Niemann-Pick Type C Finding Points to Critical New Steps in Cholesterol Processing, July 10, 1997
Press Conference Announcing the Identification of a Gene for the Fatal Childhood Cholesterol Disorder, July 10, 1997
Study Finds Calcium Does Not Prevent Potentially Fatal Disorder of Pregnancy, July 9, 1997

July 1-7, 1997
Dr. W. Sue Shafer Named NIGMS Deputy Director, July 7, 1997
Study Finds Magnetic Fields Do Not Raise Children's Leukemia Risk, July 2, 1997
Federal Government Issues Key Report on Well-Being of Nation's Children, July 2, 1997

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