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June 2000

June 22-30, 2000
Fogarty International Center Announces New Grant Program for International Studies on Health and Economic Development, June 30, 2000
Conferences in South Africa to Focus On the Role of Drug Use in HIV Transmission, June 30, 2000
NLM and the Medical Library Association to Support Scholarships, Recruitment for Minority Medical Librarians, June 30, 2000
Scientists Discover Fruit Fly Can Open New Doors to Malaria Research, June 29, 2000
In Test, Detroit Families With Asthmatic Children Get New Vacuum Cleaners, Mattress and Pillow Covers, June 28, 2000
NIAID Public-Private Partnerships Seek to Develop HIV/AIDS Vaccine, June 27, 2000
Cocaine and Alcohol Combined Are More Damaging to Mental Ability Than Either Drug Alone, June 26, 2000
International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium Announces "Working Draft" of Human Genome, June 26, 2000

June 15-21, 2000
NIAID-Industry Partnership Leads to Promising New Tuberculosis Drug, June 21, 2000
Recommendations for the Establishment of Primary Stroke Centers--Fact Sheet, June 20, 2000
Study Finds Marijuana Ingredient Promotes Tumor Growth, Impairs Anti-Tumor Defenses, June 20, 2000
Researchers Announce Latest Study Results on Drug Dependence and Abuse, June 16, 2000

June 8-14, 2000
Fathers With High Self Esteem More Involved In Child Care, Study Finds, June 15, 2000
Researchers Announce Latest Findings on Drug Dependence and Abuse, June 15, 2000
One-Two Punch Knocks Out Fly Genes, June 15, 2000
Study Shows a Combination of Antabuse and Buprenorphine May Be Effective in Treating Those Addicted to Cocaine, June 14, 2000
NIH Appoints Dr. Barnett Kramer to Head Office of Medical Applications of Research, June 13, 2000
Director of Computer Operations Named by Library, June 13, 2000
Urban Researchers Who Track Drug Use Will Meet in Baltimore, June 13-16, June 8, 2000
NIH to Hold Workshop on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Cardiovascular, Lung, and Blood Research, June 8, 2000
New NHLBI Study to Identify Best Treatment for People With Mild Persistent Asthma, June 8, 2000

June 1-7, 2000
Gene Linked to Developmental Syndrome In Old Order Amish Identified By NIH Scientists, June 7, 2000
Islamic Medieval Medical Manuscripts on the Web, June 6, 2000
Migraine Experts to Discuss Latest Advances in Research and Treatment at June 8 Briefing, June 2, 2000
Healthy People 2010, the National Health Blueprint, Includes Vision Objectives for the First Time, June 1, 2000
Down Syndrome Research Expedited by Decoding of Human Chromosome 21 - Second Human Chromosome Sequenced by Human Genome Project, June 1, 2000

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