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June 2004

June 22-30, 2004
Multivitamins During Pregnancy and After Birth Delay Progression of HIV In Women, June 30, 2004
NIH Consensus Panel Finds Celiac Disease Under-Diagnosed, June 30, 2004
Millions of Hispanics at Increased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, June 29, 2004
Innovative Efforts Target Epigenetics, Molecular Imaging, June 28, 2004
International Agreement to Expand PubMed Central, June 25, 2004
Underusing Medications Because of Cost May Lead to Adverse Health Outcomes, June 25, 2004
Number of Cancer Survivors Growing According to New Report, June 24, 2004
Intranasal SARS Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Infection, June 24, 2004
American Indian Health: A New National Library of Medicine Website, June 24, 2004
NIH Awards Grant for Cancer Research to the University of Wisconsin, June 24, 2004
New Study of New York City Residents Shows That Newborns are More Susceptible to DNA Damage from Pollution than Their Mothers, June 23, 2004
Estrogen-Alone Hormone Therapy Could Increase Risk of Dementia in Older Women, June 22, 2004
June 15-21, 2004
NIH Offers New Resources to Better Understand Sleep, June 21, 2004
NIH Consensus Development Conference to Assess Evidence on Celiac Disease, June 21, 2004
Analysis Shows Infants of Mothers Infected With HIV Face Nearly Constant Risk For HIV Infection For Duration of Breastfeeding; Previously, Researchers Thought Risk Diminished As Infants Grew Older, June 16, 2004
Parental Atrial Fibrillation Increases Risk in Offspring, Finds NHLBI's Framingham Heart Study, June 15, 2004
NIH Launches Expanded Health Information Web Site, June 15, 2004
National NIH Initiative Aims to Reduce Kidney Failure Among African Americans, June 15, 2004
June 8-14, 2004
Dr. Mark Willenbring Joins NIAAA, June 14, 2004
Eye Drops May Delay or Prevent Glaucoma in African Americans at Higher Risk, June 14, 2004
Alcohol Abuse Increases, Dependence Declines Across Decade, June 10, 2004
"Cancer Survivorship: Pathways to Health After Treatment", June 9, 2004
NIH Launches First Center In Nationwide Chemical Genomics Network, June 9, 2004
Kangaroo Hops in Line for Genome Sequencing, June 8, 2004
Renal Physicians and NIH Release Web Tool to Coordinate Care for Kidney Patients, June 8, 2004
National Study Shows 82 Percent of U.S. Homes Have Mouse Allergens, June 8, 2004
June 1-7, 2004
U.S. Youth No More Likely to Engage in Violence Than Youth In Four Other Countries, June 7, 2004
TrialNet Launches First Studies in Type 1 Diabetes, June 5, 2004
Six New Members Welcomed to National Advisory Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, June 4, 2004
New Method to Identify Blood Proteins May Spur Novel Disease Marker Discoveries, June 4, 2004
"Imagination" Helps Older People Remember to Comply with Medical Advice, June 4, 2004
Study of Hygiene in Inner-City Households Identifies What Helps and What May Not, June 3, 2004
Annual Report to the Nation Finds Cancer Incidence and Death Rates on the Decline: Survival Rates Show Significant Improvement, June 3, 2004
Fibroid Tumors Lack Crucial Structural Protein, June 2, 2004
NIH Director Names Barros Deputy Director for Management at NIH, June 1, 2004
Genes Promoting Nerve, Other Cell Communications May Have Come From Bacteria, June 1, 2004

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