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June 1999

June 22-30, 1999
Mitral-Valve Prolapse Less Common, Less Harmful Than Previously Thought, June 30, 1999
Capitol Hill Briefing on "Women's Health in Sports and Exercise", June 28, 1999
WISE EARS! Warns About Hearing Loss Over the 4th!, June 28, 1999
Low Doses of Aspirin and Surgery Better for Stroke Prevention, June 24, 1999
Early to Rise: Research Offers Clues to Older People's Sleep Habits, June 24, 1999
Gene that Causes Familial British Dementia May Yield Clues to Alzheimer's Disease, June 23, 1999
Alcohol Researchers Prove Brief Intervention Successful In Older Problem Drinkers, June 23, 1999

June 15-21,1999
Science Panel Endorses New Non-Animal Test To See If Chemicals Will Burn, Corrode Skin And Eyes, June 22, 1999
Scientists Suggest New Approaches for Development of AIDS Drugs and Vaccines, June 21, 1999
New Eye Disease Treatment May Improve Patients' Quality of Life, June 21, 1999
NIH Institute Opens Treatment Research Center in Baltimore to Help Teens Quit Smoking, June 17, 1999
New Census Report Shows Exponential Growth in Number of Centenarians, June 16, 1999
Researchers Develop Better Means to Diagnose Adrenal Gland Tumors, June 16, 1999
Publication of the MORE Trial Results Supports Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (STAR), June 15, 1999
NIAID Launches Major Step in Trial of Experimental Shingles Vaccine, June 15, 1999
Environmental Health Institute Report Concludes Evidence is 'Weak' that Electric and Magnetic Fields Cause Cancer, June 15, 1999
Older, Disabled Women Have Trouble Managing Pain, June 15, 1999
NIH Study to Evaluate Role of MRI in Emergency Diagnosis of Heart Attack & Stroke, June 15, 1999

June 8-14, 1999
Long-Term Brain Injury from Use of "Ecstasy", June 14, 1999
Severity of Problems is Key to Best Type of Treatment for Cocaine Addiction, June 14, 1999
Combined Drug Counseling Approach Works in Treating Cocaine Addiction, June 14, 1999
NIH Dedicates New Vaccine Research Center to Dale and Betty Bumpers; President Clinton to Deliver Keynote Address, June 9, 1999
Embryos That Implant in Uterus 'Late' Prove More Likely to Die in First Weeks of Pregnancy, June 9, 1999
Over Three Million Children Living Near Superfund Sites, Lack of Dietary Calcium Can Increase Risk of Lead Poisoning, June 8, 1999

June 1-7, 1999
NIH Announces New Clinical Research Curriculum Award, June 4, 1999
Dr. K. Frank Austen Receives Award for Asthma Research, June 4, 1999
NIAAA-Led Study Verifies Environment-Dependent Behavioral Variation in Genetically Identical Mice, June 3, 1999
NHTSA/NIH Combat Problem of Drowsy Driving Among Fast Growing Populations of Shift Workers and Teenagers, June 3, 1999

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