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March 1997

March 22-31, 1997
New Way Of Detecting Human Chromosome Defects Promises Better Diagnosis Of Cancer And Other Diseases, March 31, 1997
Asthma Genes Linked to Regions Unique to Different Racial and Ethnic Groups, NHLBI Study Shows, March 31, 1997
Gene Transfer Triggers Saliva Production in Damaged Salivary Glands, March 31, 1997
National Cancer Advisory Board Issues Mammography Screening Recommendations, March 27, 1997
Statement from the National Cancer Institute on the National Cancer Advisory Board Recommendations on Mammography, March 27, 1997
Bone Marrow Transplant Survivors Face Later Tumor Risk, March 26, 1997
Novel Plastic Beads Enhance Drug Delivery, March 26, 1997
Smoking and Passive Smoke Linked to Rare Condition Which Starves Newborns of Oxygen, March 26, 1997
The 1971 National Cancer Act: Investment in the Future, March 26, 1997
Lung Cancer, March 26, 1997
ACTG Protocol 185, March 26, 1997
Multi-Site Study Publishes Interim Follow-Up and Treatment Recommendations for People with Gene-Linked Colon and Breast Cancers, March 25, 1997
Statement on Estimates of Infectious Disease Risk Factors in U.S. Blood Donors, March 25, 1997
Cancers of the Colon and Rectum, March 25, 1997
Prostate Cancer, March 25, 1997
Cancer Research in Brief: Where It Stands, Where It Is Headed, March 25, 1997
IL-2 Injections Safely Boost CD4+ T Cell Levels in HIV-Infected Patients, March 24, 1997

March 15-21, 1997
Enzyme Research May Yield New Anticancer Drugs, March 20, 1997
Researchers Determine Structure of Signalling Enzyme Power Center, March 19, 1997
Consensus Development Conference on Management of Hepatitis C, March 18, 1997
Nephrologist to Direct NIH Research Program, March 18, 1997
HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala and Tipper Gore Launch SIDS Information Campaign, March 18, 1997
Disability Rate Among Older Americans Declines Dramatically, March 17, 1997

March 8-14, 1997
National Conference on Smith-Magenis to be held at NIH, March 13, 1997
U.S. Agencies Agree on How to Bring Alternative Testing Methods Into Use to Supplement, Replace, or Improve Current Tests, March 13, 1997
National Telemedicine Project Receives Kickoff in District of Columbia, March 12, 1997
Wilmut to Speak on Mammalian Cloning at NICHD Laboratory Seminar, March 11, 1997
New Findings on Alzheimer's Disease Offer Clues on Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatments, March 11, 1997
"Typhoid Mary" is Topic of Annual Women's History Month Lecture, March 10, 1997
How Robust the Data? Electric/Magnetic Fields and Health, March 10, 1997
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Help Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease, March 10, 1997

March 1-7, 1997
Breast Cancer, March 7, 1997
New Research-Based Guide Now Available to Help Prevent Teen Drug Use, March 6, 1997
Questions and Answers on Mammography for Women Ages 40 to 49, March 6, 1997
New Grant Program Encourages Innovative AIDS Vaccine Research, March 5, 1997
NIEHS Researcher Breaks New Ground in the Fight Against Breast Cancer, March 5, 1997
Study Suggests New Way to Reduce Disability Among the Elderly, March 4, 1997
Researchers Clone Gene Linked to Childhood Eye Disease, March 2, 1997

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