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November 2000

November 22-30, 2000
World AIDS Day 2000: NIH Announces New Plan for Global AIDS Research, November 30, 2000
Turning Blood into Brain: New Studies Suggest Bone Marrow Stem Cells Can Develop into Neurons in Living Animals, November 30, 2000
Live Recombinant Vaccine Protects Against Fungal Disease, November 29, 2000
Novel Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola Infection, November 29, 2000
Fogarty International Center Announces New Awards Under International Training and Research in Population and Health Program, November 28, 2000
Researchers Identify Gene Common to Many Autism Cases, November 27, 2000

November 15-21, 2000
Research Insights into Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Highlighted in 10th Special Report, November 21, 2000
T Cell's Internal "Housekeeping Service" Plays Role in HIV Infection, November 20, 2000
Study of Normal Women Demonstrates: There are Few 'Safe' Days in Menstrual Cycle, November 16, 2000
Dr. Bernard Moss Wins Bristol-Myers Squibb Award, November 16, 2000

November 8-14, 2000
Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factor for HIV Infection, November 15, 2000
Workshop (November 19-21) — Leading Experts To Explore the Basis for and Potential Applications of the Placebo Effect, November 14, 2000
NIAMS Funds Multiple Research Grants in Osteogenesis Imperfecta, November 14, 2000
NIH Project to Link Local Native Americans to Medical Information on the Web, November 9, 2000
People with Common Masculinizing Disorder Also Lack Adrenaline, NICHD Study Finds, November 8, 2000

November 1-7, 2000
Community Prevention Trial Reduces Risky Drinking, Alcohol-Related Crashes and Trauma, November 7, 2000
Researchers Link Adolescent Cigarette Smoking with Anxiety Disorders during Early Adulthood, November 7, 2000
"Exquisite" Molecular Mechanism Found for Impetigo Infection, Spread, November 6, 2000
NIH Consensus Panel Recommends a Range of Adjuvant Therapies for Women with Breast Cancer, November 3, 2000
Neuroscience at NIDA — A Series of Satellite Symposia — Will Highlight Current Neuroscience Research and Issues during Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting, November 2, 2000
Papers of Nobel Scientist Christian Anfinsen Added to "Profiles In Science" Web Site, November 2, 2000
NINDS Funds Three New Specialized Neuroscience Research Programs at Minority Academic Institutions, November 1, 2000
Ecology of Infectious Diseases Grants Jointly Announced by National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation, November 1, 2000

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