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Tuesday, November 6, 2001
Contact: Jeff Minerd
Office of Communications and
Public Liaison, NIAID
(301) 402-1663

To Editors, Reporters and Producers
Cutting-Edge Flu Research Featured on NIAID's Web Site

With flu season once again upon us, we have updated Focus on the Flu, a Web feature about cutting-edge influenza research supported by NIAID.

Scientists fight influenza on many fronts. Some travel the globe, monitoring the flu virus strains that circulate in the bustling live poultry markets of the world. Others work in laboratories, where they painstakingly piece together the atom-by-atom structure of key flu virus proteins or work to develop new influenza vaccines and drugs. Some scientists look to the past for clues about how the flu virus evolves, while others think about the future: when and where the next pandemic might strike.

Visitors to Focus on the Flu can follow this exciting research by reading lay-language summaries under the heading "Flu Fighters." Those interested in more details can delve deeper via links to the actual research papers and the scientists' own Web pages. Visitors also can learn about how the influenza virus works, about the difference between a cold and the flu, and about new flu treatments and promising experimental vaccines. Focus on the Flu also offers links to other related information and organizations.

Access Focus on the Flu at We welcome your feedback.

For more information or to schedule an interview with one of our expert researchers, please contact Jeffrey Minerd in the NIAID Office of Communications and Public Liaison at (301) 402-1663,

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